Industrial sensor standardized collection case

Posted Jun 28, 20202 min read

The data generated by industrial equipment is usually collected by a real-time database. However, real-time data is too primitive to be used directly by applications such as information management systems, business intelligence, and data mining. Generally, standardized secondary collection is required to form standardized and structured data to serve upper-layer applications and timely understand the health status of the crew. Reduce maintenance costs and increase economic benefits! Due to the particularity of the real-time library, its standardized acquisition algorithm is extremely complicated. Previously, it could only be implemented in high-level languages such as C#/Java. Not only is the design cycle long, but the algorithm is difficult to implement and maintain, and the execution efficiency is not satisfactory! If an independent data calculation engine is used to provide computing power that does not depend on the database, the process of E, T, and L can be reasonably achieved! Let's see how to do esProc? Industrial Sensor Standardization Collection Case

[download attachment]industrial sensor standardization collection case