What changes can VR technology bring to our daily lives?

Posted May 25, 20202 min read

VR technology is also called virtual reality technology, but this technology is not popular now. For ordinary people, it is not very good to feel the change in our lives. Here, the point cloud VR leads to the specific scene of home and experience The impact of VR technology on our future life.

  1. VR concerts and sports competitions

As an experience enthusiast, the NBA and World Cup are not to be missed. But if you want to see it on the spot, the cost for ordinary people is not low. Perhaps it can only be a long-term wish. But if VR technology is popularized, a VR glasses can achieve many years of dreams. Think about wearing glasses and being able to be in the game without leaving home and face-to-face with the idols you adore. Is this a good experience? And VR can help us easily. The same is true for the concert, you can still have a good location without having to travel long distances to the scene, and easily experience the atmosphere of the scene.

2. VR and games

Why do you like to go to Internet cafes to play games, because its equipment is better, the experience is more real, especially the end game is now a lot of beautiful pictures, just to give users the most authentic experience. The advantage of VR technology is to give players a sense of immersion, experience the fun and sense of accomplishment that cannot be satisfied in the real world in the virtual world. But these all depend on the rapid rendering and distribution of game content. If you rely on the player's local machine performance for processing, the hardware requirements are relatively high and the hardware cost is relatively high, so that large-scale popularization cannot be achieved. In the near future, VR data can be processed through the cloud and then distributed to the terminal, which can relieve the player's dependence on hardware and improve the application efficiency of the cloud server. The point cloud VR software system solution is to solve this problem.

VR game solution

3, VR and online shopping

Compared with actual shopping, online shopping lacks the thrill of shopping, such as not being able to touch the texture of clothes, not being able to better understand its color, size, and the combination of each person's own effects, and even less trying on it. But if you use VR technology, when you can shop online, you can almost achieve the same effect as offline shopping. You can touch it and wear it directly to see the direct effect. After putting on the glasses, we can search for fit clothes among a large number of clothes, and try on them one by one. does not fit? The right hand swipes away immediately, and the next one is put on automatically, so it feels amazing to think about it.

Through the above specific scenarios, do you have a deeper understanding of VR technology? If you want to participate in the creation of VR technology or want to learn more about cloud VR software system solutions, you can talk in detail.

VR online shopping