Alibaba P8 is seduced by the official establishment of Alibaba and wants to support girls

Posted Jun 16, 20203 min read

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In recent years, high-level employees of major domestic factories have become the envy of people's eyes, especially the three BAT. When you mention Ali P8, the impression in everyone's mind is the highly educated Team Leader with an annual salary of one million. These people are often not only extremely capable but also have a good family background. If you enter Ali from the freshman, it will be possible to achieve this in 6 to 10 years. Hierarchy, I do not know how many people were eliminated.

The composition of the salary of the Ali P route(professional talent route) is circulating on the Internet:

Ali's salary structure is generally 12+1+3=16 salary, and the year-end bonus is 0-6 months salary, about 90%of whom can get the year-end bonus equivalent to 3 months salary. There will be stocks after the promotion to P6 after working for 2 years. As the share price of Ali Group rises, this part should not be underestimated. In general, the figure of Alibaba's P8 employees earning 170W per year is basically credible.

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How do you feel full of envy after reading it? However, there are some news that people are surprised by these "P8s". Recently, some netizens broke the news that a doctor who graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University has rated P8. After three months of joining Ali, he recruited a life assistant in the name of recruitment and promised to the girl. Formally compiled, and set aside 16,000 yuan monthly maintenance expenses. After the girl refused, she let her girlfriends try a wave. P8 asked her if she had any experience of being held up.

Now the Ali P8 has not received the "personal assistant", but has gained the saliva of netizens and employees of the Ali intranet. From the unconfirmed news, he has been fired by Ali.

The following is a conversation between P8 and her sister:

Ali P8

 P8  P8 Ali P8 Ali P8 Ali P8  P8  P8

Who is P8

After some searching, the editor finally found the personal information of the P8. He is Dr. Li who graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2017. After only three years of work, he has changed jobs in five companies, and has worked in the Happy Time, YY Voice, and Huya. , Station B and Ali.

Ali P8

You can also see that Dr. P8's doctoral thesis has been downloaded 94 times on HowNet.

Ali P8

Intranet response

Ali P8

It can be seen that this P8 has a big fire on the Ali intranet. It is worth noting that he not only violated morals, but also violated the legal bottom line. Attempts to use company resources to make personal gains, and use company resources to plan for the company to do anchor and headhunting business, these two "crimes" may make them subject to legal sanctions.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Weibo once again disappointed netizens in this incident. Many netizens found that the hot search of # P8 # was deleted. Some netizens said that Ali s public relations is really powerful, and Weibo also It's really not a long memory.

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