HotCorner: Let Windows 10 have the trigger angle feature of macOS

Posted Jun 15, 20204 min read



There is a very convenient function on macOS:"trigger angle". Through this function, you can set the trigger event when the mouse moves to the four corners of the screen, such as triggering the start of the screen saver, etc., displaying the desktop and other functions. Corresponding to the hot keys we are used to, macOS calls it "Hot Corners". The software " HotCorner " that the author will introduce next is used to let the Windows system have a trigger angle like macOS, to achieve the following animation display Effect:

When the mouse moves to the upper left corner of the screen, it automatically attempts to open the Windows timeline to achieve a quick task switching.

This program comes from a small project [hotcorner]of a foreign great god( Google information security engineer) Tavis Ormandy ( ), he created this project because he is used to a Linux operating system desktop:GNOME 3, this desktop can trigger the task view when the mouse moves to the upper left corner. He found that whenever he used Windows 10, he always forgot that this function was not available in Windows, and finding alternative software everywhere could not satisfy him, so he used C language to launch a small program to implement this function. But this applet has only one function:the Windows timeline view is triggered in the upper left corner of the screen. And the installation and uninstallation of the software need to be realized through the command line or manually, which is very inconvenient.

The author made the following changes based on the original project:

  1. Use the lower left corner of the screen to trigger the start menu
  2. Package the software into an installation guide(installation package)
  3. Add icons to the software
  4. You can choose to start the software when starting
  5. Write Chinese documents

The following animation demonstrates the function that the lower left corner added by the author triggers the start menu

Software features

  • Windows 10 timeline view is displayed when the mouse is moved to the upper left corner of the screen
  • The Windows start menu is displayed when the mouse moves to the lower right corner of the screen


Github address: download address

Code cloud address: download address

If you do not intend to participate in the development of this software, just download the installation program HotcornerInstaller.exe
It is recommended to use the code cloud address to download in China, which is faster, but if you need to submit an issue, please go to the Github address.


After downloading HotcornerInstaller.exe from the above download address, double-click to open to start the installation.



Find the installation location of the software(the default is C:Program Files(x86)HotCorner), double-click unins000.exe under this folder to complete the uninstallation. Please stop the software before uninstalling(press Ctrl+Alt+C at the same time).


After the software installation is completed, it will be automatically added to the application list in the start menu, find HotCorner in it, and click it to run the software in the background. If you use the screen zoom as shown, and the zoom ratio is not 100%, you need to perform the following configuration


Under normal circumstances, the software can automatically obtain the height of the screen, but when the system uses screen scaling, the software will not get the real height of the screen, so you need to edit the software installation path(the default is C:Program Files(x86) HotCorner) Under the config.txt file, write the real height of the screen in this file, for example, the real height of the screen in the picture is 1080(unitless), and then restart the software.(The default value in config.txt is 0, which means that the screen height is automatically obtained.)

Press Ctrl+Alt+C at the same time when the software is running to close the program


The code is open sourced using the GPL3 agreement. If you need to use the code, please follow the relevant provisions of the CPL3 agreement.



  • Q:Timeline view can be triggered in the upper left corner of the screen, but there is no response in the lower right corner of the screen?
  • A:You may have used screen zoom, see configuration instructions
  • Q:I want to modify the event triggered by the corner of the screen, what should I do?
  • A:At present, you can only download the source code to modify it, and then recompile and run it.
  • Q:How to close after the software is running?
  • A:Press Ctrl+Alt+C at the same time when the software is running to close the program
  • Q:How to make the software run at boot?
  • A:During the installation process, you can select Startup, if you do not select it during the installation, you can manually implement it(the method can be Baidu)