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  1. Our group shared files have plans to backup to IPFS, the specific time is to be determined.
  2. Our machine learning group(915394271) was formally renamed as the financial promotion group.
  3. Please pay attention to our public account "ApacheCN" and reply to "Tutorials/Routes/Contests/Reports/Technical Books/Courses/Light Novels/Comics/New Knowledge" for more resources.
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  5. CDNDrive The second expansion is completed, and 3 map beds have been added.
  6. The "Open Source Mutual Assistance Alliance" has been terminated, and we express our regrets and regrets. Unless specifically invited, we will not promote any other people's projects.
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Programming language

  1. Java

    1. On Java 8 Chinese version(Java programming ideas fifth edition)
    2. Effective Java Chinese Third Edition
    3. Java programming ideas
    4. Java 8 concise tutorial
    5. Java from 0~1 personal notes
    6. Java8 Chinese official tutorial
    7. JavaTutorialNetwork Chinese series of tutorials
    8. HowToDoInJava Chinese Tutorial
    9. JavaBeginnersTutorial Chinese series of tutorials
  2. Python

    1. Think Python Chinese Second Edition
    2. Stupid way to learn Python · continued Chinese version
    3. PythonSpot Chinese series tutorial
    4. PythonBasics Chinese Series Tutorial
    5. PythonGuru Chinese series of tutorials
    6. Python Distributed Computing
  3. JavaScript

    1. JavaScript Programming Essentials Chinese Third Edition
    2. JavaScript for impatient programmers
  4. C

    1. Stupid way to learn C Chinese version
  5. PHP

    1. Teach you how to write PHP coroutine extension
  6. Ruby

    1. I love Ruby
  7. Comprehensive

    1. TutorialsPoint Chinese series of tutorials
    2. BeginnersBook Chinese series tutorial
    3. ZetCode Chinese Series Tutorial
    4. Succinctly Chinese tutorial series
    5. Programiz Chinese series of tutorials

Backend/Big Data

  1. Spark 2.2.0 Chinese document
  2. Storm 1.1.0 Chinese documentation
  3. Kafka 1.0.0 Chinese documentation
  4. Beam Chinese document
  5. Zeppelin 0.7.2 Chinese document
  6. Elasticsearch 5.4 Chinese documentation
  7. Kibana 5.2 Chinese documentation
  8. Kudu 1.4.0 Chinese document
  9. Spring Boot 1.5.2 Chinese documentation
  10. Airflow 0.10.2 Chinese document
  11. HBase 3.0 Chinese Reference Guide
  12. Flink 1.7 Chinese documentation
  13. Django 1.8 Chinese documentation
  14. Hudi 0.5 Chinese documentation
  15. HighScalability Chinese example


  1. Chinese documentation of Numpy technology stack

    1. Numba 0.44 Chinese Documentation
    2. Cython 3.0 Chinese Documentation
  2. Scapy Chinese documentation

  3. Stupid way to learn Linux Chinese version

  4. Git Chinese Reference

  5. Scrapy 1.6 Chinese documentation

  6. PyQt4 Chinese documentation

  7. Art of the command line

  8. rpy2 2.8 Chinese document

  9. Learning Scrapy Chinese version


  1. Solidity Chinese documentation

Math notes

  1. MIT open textbooks/notes

    1. MIT 18.06 Linear Algebra Notes
    2. MIT 18.03 calculus for beginners

Data Science Documents

  1. Chinese documentation of Numpy technology stack

    1. NumPy 1.11 Chinese Documentation
    2. Pandas 0.19.2 Chinese Documentation
    3. Matplotlib 2.0 Chinese Documentation
    4. statsmodels Chinese documentation
    5. seaborn 0.9 Chinese documentation
  2. SimuPy Chinese document

Data Science Tutorial

  1. Stanford Open Textbooks/Notes

    1. Stanford STATS60 textbook:Statistical Thinking in the 21st Century
    2. Stanford Game Theory Chinese Notes
  2. UCB open textbooks/notes

    1. UCB Data8 textbook:Calculation and Inference Thinking
    2. UCB Prob140 textbook:Probability Theory for Data Science
    3. UCB DS100 textbook:Principles and Tips of Data Science
  3. ApacheCN Data Analysis Translation Collection

  4. TutorialsPoint NumPy tutorial

  5. Second Edition of Chinese Complexity Thinking

  6. Data analysis using Python · Version 2

  7. Numeric Linear Algebra Lectures v2

  8. Pandas Cookbook with annotated source code

  9. Data Science IPython Notebook

  10. UCSD COGS108 Data Science Practical Chinese Notes

  11. USF MSDS501 Chinese Lecture on Computational Data Science

  12. Basic knowledge of data visualization

  13. Joyful Pandas

CS tutorial

  1. Recommended Computer Open Course

  2. LeetCode, HackRank, sword finger offer, classic algorithm implementation(discontinued)

  3. GeeksForGeeks Translation Program

  4. UCB open textbooks/notes

    1. UCB CS61a textbook:SICP Python description
    2. UCB CS61b textbook:Data Structure in Java
  5. UIUC CS241 System Programming Chinese Lecture

  6. Data structure thinking

  7. Operating system thinking

  8. China University MOOC computer operating system notes

  9. Simple data structure implementation

  10. Si Jing s data structure course(continuously updated)

  11. Write a simple database from scratch

AI Tutorial

  1. AILearning-machine learning combat

    1. Text tutorial
    2. Teaching Video
    3. Discussion video
  2. AI Roadmap(Knowledge Tree)

  3. Sklearn and TensorFlow Machine Learning Practical Guide Second Edition

  4. Machine Learning Mastery blog post translation

  5. Stanford open textbooks/notes

    1. Stanford CS229 Machine Learning Chinese Notes
    2. Deep Learning Chinese Notes
    3. Stanford CS224n Natural Language Processing Chinese Notes
    4. Stanford CS234 Reinforcement Learning Chinese Notes
  6. UCB open textbooks/notes

    1. UCB CS294-112 Chinese Notes for Deep Reinforcement Learning
  7. Taiwan University Lin Xuantian machine learning notes

  8. Python Natural Language Processing Chinese Second Edition

  9. Scikit-learn cheats

  10. tutorial translation

  11. Machine Learning for Humans

  12. Feature Engineering for Machine Learning

  13. Python data analysis and mining combat(with annotated source code)

  14. First contact with TensorFlow

  15. TensorFlow Eager tutorial

  16. SciPyCon 2018 Sklearn Tutorial

  17. TensorFlow Learning Guide

  18. machine learning and deep learning Chinese notes

  19. HackCV website article translation

  20. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Technical Notes

  21. Girls In AI:AI algorithm engineer development plan for programming zero-based girls

  22. Sklearn Learning Guide

  23. Pumpkin Book(Analysis of Watermelon Book Formula Derivation)

  24. Daily Interview-Artificial Intelligence Face

  25. 100-page machine learning book

  26. Natural Language Processing with PyTorch Chinese version

  27. Li Hongyi Machine Learning Notes

  28. Recommended system meets deep learning

  29. Interpretable Machine Learning

  30. Python Machine Learning Online Guide

AI Overview Translation Program

  1. Graph embedding overview(Arxiv 1709.07604)
  2. [Deep learning-based recommendation system:review and new perspectives]( ? utm_source=home)
  3. [What do we understand about convolutional neural networks]( home)
  4. Machine Learning Super Review Notes

AI document

  1. Chinese documentation of Numpy technology stack

    1. Sklearn 0.19 Chinese Documentation
  2. PyTorch 0.2/0.3/0.4/1.0 Chinese documents and tutorials

  3. XGBoost Chinese document

  4. LightGBM Chinese document

  5. FastText Chinese document

  6. Gensim Chinese documentation

  7. OpenCV 4.0 Chinese documentation

AI competition

  1. Interview:Resume Guide + LeetCode + Kaggle
  2. Data Science/Artificial Intelligence Competition Solution Summary
  3. Kaggle Learning Series
  4. Data Science Competition Collection Platform


  1. Kali Linux Cheats Chinese Version
  2. Kali Linux Web Penetration Test Cheats Chinese Version
  3. Kali Linux Wireless Penetration Test Getting Started Guide Chinese Version
  4. Kali Linux Network Scanning Cheats Chinese Version
  5. Web Hacking 101 Chinese version
  6. Miste White Hat Training Lecture
  7. Android Application Security Guide Chinese Version
  8. The third version of the penetration test combat(red team version)
  9. Generate Software Test
  10. CobaltStrike 4.0 Chinese User Manual


  1. ApacheCN public account history article
  2. CV sharing series video
  3. Stanford CS183 Series/YC Entrepreneurship Lesson Series Chinese Notes
  4. Independent development/freelance/remote work resource list
  5. Fine notes on the road to wealth and freedom
  6. 5 minutes business school fine notes
  7. English-World Travel
  8. Gainlo Interview Guide
  9. Evil Huawei-Evil Huawei made
  10. iBooker Booker Honest News
  11. Program Yuan Program:Child Sex Education Project
  12. Environmental Disaster Advice Program
  13. ZhangYi's blog post

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