ipcc-soft phone strip

Posted Jun 6, 20201 min read

  1. Turn ivr

1.1. Operation

After the customer consults the question, the agent often needs the customer to make a satisfaction evaluation; at this time, the agent operates the ivr on the soft phone bar, and fills in the corresponding rootactid(root node process id) and actid(child node process id)

The operation is as follows:

1.2 FAQ

When transferring to ivr, when the soft phone bar passes parameters to the backend of acdgate, and then the backend of acdgate calls the platform acd module, the following problems occur:


As can be seen from the above, when gotoFlow, the flow node number of IVR is transferred to 100 nodes, and then the corresponding rootactid cannot be found and res=-1 is returned.

1.3 Solved

We look at the configuration of acd and find the node when acd is transferred to ivr:

Looking at the node configuration of IVR, it is found that:

At this time when transferring to IVR, there is definitely no corresponding process.
We will acdcallinflowno=200 and test again:

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