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Posted Jun 6, 20208 min read

In the promotion season of the year, Hardy wants to promote some things with everyone. For technical people, I believe that most of them have some common characteristics is that they are more focused on the technology itself to empower the business, and lack of training and communication and expression of soft power training, yes Hardy is, this article is to Hardy In the preparation process, some of the experience and gains are shared, I hope to help everyone.

About rank

Many companies have their own rank system, such as Ali's P system, Baidu's T system, etc. Even the simplest division of ranks is divided into junior, middle and senior engineers. Because each position of a company has different levels of employment requirements, such as engineers struggling on the front line of the business, architects who continuously optimize the technical system, etc. At the same time, everyone has a demand-level upgrade, and promotion can bring more Remuneration and value recognition. We must first clarify the company's job description, for example, from the junior engineer to the intermediate engineer:

Elementary:complete the work within the responsibilities under the guidance of mentor

Intermediate:Independently undertake work, consciously promote work optimization, collaboration ability, etc.

Advanced:What do you think, still far away

In other words, we will transition from a simple job of mentor arrangement to a stage of independently undertaking a certain business, focusing on business performance and promoting business optimization. It is important to know the ability requirements of the target rank, because the next preparations are all focused on this point.

Promotion process

I believe that the promotion process of most companies is similar, such as from the leader interview, review and collection of materials, preparation of PPT, drills, to formal defense`, of course, some companies or senior promotion may have more than one Round of reply. In addition to the direct leader, the answering audience usually has colleagues from different departments, such as HR/BP, other team leaders, etc., who will ask questions as judges. This is also very important. Speaking of which, we can roughly know the key element of promotion preparation, that is, among the things we do, pick out the things that are most closely described with the rank, and tell people in different fields to listen, and to listen clearly ", that is, focusing on "rank matching" and "target audience", focus! The following is the reply to "How to Prepare a Promotional Replies" by Hardy(Prohibition of Matryoshka).


Case Selection | Targeted

At first, the ignorant Hardy thought so, promotion, there are more things to do in a year, let's list them, and then compare the more powerful things, just add a few more pages of PPT to focus on it, so that others will see it at a glance Knowing that Hardy's high yield looks like that, wouldn't that promotion be appropriate. So, the PPT made by Hardy is like this,

That s right, there are 26 pages, everything from self-introduction, mentor to complete the work, independently undertake the business, the growth of the mental journey, to the follow-up planning, the results are shown to the leader, I am afraid that I will be breathless on the spot. After the initial communication, it was clear that the reply was about 15 minutes. The PPT is best to be concise enough. It should be controlled at about 15 pages. It is enough to pick a case from the perspective of business and technology. Why do you say that, the aforementioned "rank matching" means that the message we want to convey is that we have done what we have done. Is there a good proof that you have reached the ability described by the rank, that is, we should have done Among the things that are selected, it is not the most powerful, but the thing that best proves that you match the rank. For example, pick an example from a business perspective to prove that you have independently undertaken a certain business and can consciously optimize; pick an example from a technical perspective to prove that you can cooperate well or coordinate resources to do technical optimization, as long as this Two examples are enough to match rank. The judges are not interested in your journey and a bunch of things. The only thing they want to get is whether they have met the ability requirements. So, let's focus on how to do the PPT. Yes, the knowledge of PPT is great, but we are technically disdain to invest time to adjust the PPT. Yes, it is me.

Facade acting | PPT

A good PPT is very expressive, just like a good product does not need to teach users how to use it. PPT does not need too many gorgeous color combinations and special effects, especially to avoid a bunch of bells and whistles of transition animations. In the process of speaking, you and the judges will watch the various animations intermittently, and the scene is not embarrassing. Too. Therefore, the PPT must be sufficiently "condensed and concise".

First of all, let s get some theoretical knowledge. Like everyone s rotten STAR law, it is still a powerful form of expression.

STAR law, which is the abbreviation of Situation Target Action Result, the specific meaning is:

Situation:Under what circumstances did things happen

Target How do you know your goal

Action:In response to such situation analysis, what action method did you use?

Result:What is the result and what have you learned in such a situation

Quoted from Wikipedia

From a technical point of view, it is a process from the project background, personal responsibilities, how to do it, why it is done, the challenges and solutions encountered, and the final result.

First of all, we first condensed a set of roughly 15 pages of PPT skeleton,

Yes, that's right. The self-introduction and thank-you sections have been cut. These contents can be mentioned directly in the reply. There is no need to post them to occupy the position. At the same time, focusing on business projects, technical projects and planning, so that PPT becomes very concise and focused.

Key business & technology projects

After picking a case for business and technology, you can use the value-first strategy here, that is, throw out the output results/value(value can be reflected in two aspects, one is business data, the other is performance/Efficiency improvement), this can quickly attract the attention of the judges, so that they have questions:What are you doing to achieve such awesome results.

Then, "introduce your responsibilities", because some projects may be completed with other small partners, if you do not explain clearly, you may have just finished the defense, the next is your small partner, and then he also participated in this project , So the judges are stunned, who made this TM? In the question section, you have to ask what part did you do, why do you have this set, and he is another set? The scene was immediately embarrassing. Therefore, it is best to mention or mark the part that you are responsible for when introducing the entire project process.

Then, don t post large sections of code, those that can be expressed graphically, don t use text! For example, we have connected a new business and reconstructed the page structure. The left side is expressed in blunt text and code segments, and the right side is directly compared with the new and old page structure diagram.

Obviously, the PPT on the right is more expressive, and it also raises a problem here, that is, "use as few technical terms as possible."

Promotion replies are fundamentally different from technology sharing. First of all, the audience is different. Technology sharing is often a peer, so sharing pays more attention to introduction, use, principles, etc.; the promotion reply audience comes from different fields, we have to abstract the terminology, for example, when it comes to this page of PPT,

Say:When expanding the business, I divided the original Activity into business and extracted into multiple fragments to decouple

Described in this way, the judges such as our lovely Miss HR can't get it, and should be abstracted, such as,

Say:When expanding the business, I divided the original main page into business and extracted into multiple sub-pages to decouple

In this way, no matter whether you have contacted Android colleagues, you can understand what you have done. In other words, we want to reduce the judges technical cognition and it is best to stand in their perspective and feel whether our expressions are reasonable and clear.

Then, it is the problems encountered and solutions, this one can be combined with the "technical and business mutual feeding". When analyzing business, how to choose technology; how to understand and consider business when doing technology optimization. This piece of thinking is a stage of sublimation. It is often described as "trivial" just by thinking about things, and even if the things you do are very powerful, you cannot get the judges to get you to this. Understanding and thinking of things. We all know that technology is the most ideal state to walk a little ahead of the business. Walking too fast deviates from the business and causes waste of resources; walking too slowly cannot keep up with the business, and it is easy to miss business opportunities. Then it should be well integrated in the speech, such as understanding technology in business,

In the business project, I know the background of the requirements, and I also know the core business that I will focus on in the short term. I am out of this scenario to decide my own restructuring plan and solve problems.

Another example is to go back to the business technically,

When doing technical transformation, fully understand the current background, this technology selection can bring more possibilities to the business, can efficiently support the next rapid trial and error and iteration

Bring these thoughts into the story, and the height has reached a level. At the same time, in the following question-and-answer sessions, these thoughts are often the focus of the judges.


In terms of planning, it can also be divided into two aspects:business and technology. For example, broaden the business boundary in the business, technically combine the current business to do technical pre-research. The main point here is not to be too general, it is best to list one or two things that have already started or are ready to start.

Deliberate practice | Practice makes perfect

I believe that everyone is not a natural speaker. The first time will inevitably be counseling. To overcome tension and avoid incoherent speech, the best way is to "practice deliberately" repeatedly. Repeating is the number of times, and to what extent, you haven t finished a paragraph, and you already know what you want to say in the next paragraph. This level of proficiency can avoid sudden short circuits caused by tension. Of course, when you practice speaking, you can prepare a verbatim manuscript, that is, write down all the words, optimize the words repeatedly, and eliminate some nonsense nonsense.

Formal reply | Steady state of mind

After the first few steps, it is basically ok. The main reason for the defense is to maintain a stable state of mind. For example, if Hardy s brain circuit is not good, it is easy to be short-circuited. You can post all verbatim manuscripts into the remarks column of the PPT. You can only see it after casting the screen during the speech. Of course, you can't stare at your screen to read the manuscript all the time. Be sure to make eye contact with the judges and always pay attention to their eye feedback. The remarks are only used as tips.

Then, grasp the rhythm, take the simple things one by one, make enough time for the key content, and slowly explain, make sure that the judges have gotten the point you want to express in the eyes.

As for the question and answer, it is really the soul torture. Although it will not deduct the technical details like the interview, it is more about the ability of the rank to ask questions, such as how do you understand this business, why do you choose this solution is better Yes, how do you evaluate the cost and value, etc., here can only say that everyone predicts in advance, and then simply prepare some materials, everything is destined~


Of course, different companies have different requirements and must be targeted. In fact, after a year of work, the chances of success are basically determined according to the things you do and the value of the output, but this does not mean that you can not prepare too hard, because you need to pass information efficiently Coming out, reviewing and summarizing itself is also a process of growth. A good reply does not necessarily increase the chance of success, but a bad reply may fail. Hardy finished, the judges in front of the screen, torture a soul?

Pay attention to Halliday and have a chance to set up together~