A day of remote assistance, I was too difficult

Posted May 27, 20204 min read

For a long time, my daily work is like this :

Customer:Hello! Is xxx company on your side?

Yes I am. Hello! What can I do for you?

Customer:I'm using your software for project services, why did I suddenly report an error? Yesterday was fine ...

Me:Do n’t worry, let me know your account number first. I will check the account situation from the background.

Customer:Account? Is it a mobile phone number?

Me:If you have not bound your mobile phone number, the account refers to the custom account you wrote when you registered.

Customer:I see ... I found it, this is xxxxx

Me:Hello, I checked the reason here because the public xxx. OnSuccess(Object data, int flag) line of code is missing from the configuration.

Customer:What does this code mean?

Me:According to the error code table on the product description, this error code means ...(200 words are omitted here)

Customer:How do I solve this problem?

Me:I will add your WeChat later, send you a remote software, after installation, I will remote Help you solve it in the past.

Customer:Want to add friends?(Customers are reluctant) There is remote software, is this thing safe?

Me:You can rest assured that it is safe, because ...(300 words are omitted here to dispel users' doubts)

Customer:Okay ...(very reluctant tone)

The above is just a corner of my usual work. As a technical support, my daily job is to help customers solve problems in the use of products. Sometimes the problem can be solved on the phone, and sometimes a remote computer is needed to solve the problem. The latter makes me feel haggard compared to the former. Because many users don't trust us very much, every time I do psychological construction, I want to speak fragrantly.

However, recently the company changed a remote collaboration software for us-Sunflower Garden Remote Control(hereinafter referred to as sunflower), in which their [technical support agent]accessories can help me to a great extent solve the problems encountered when supporting users. Of some "FAQs". Share with you

Take what was said in the scene just now, when the customer learned that we were going to add him and send him remote software, his heart was resistant. The client is unwilling to tell us his personal information, and he is skeptical about the software we give him.

In the past, this situation was also the most headache for us. However, this sunflower equipped by the company solved this problem.

Customers worry that the software is insecure and that their own devices have hidden safety risks. We can let customers go to the sunflower official website to download the sunflower x client instead of receiving our files. Because the sunflower provides a green version to run, users only need to select "free installation, run in green version" after downloading, delete as needed, and will not leave a residue in the computer registry, which is very convenient.

Picture 1.png

After the user installs, as long as he tells us his [local identification code], we can open the [Technical Support Agent]function page on the main control terminal of Sunflower Enterprise Edition and enter the corresponding identification code to send a remote request to the client. Agree, we can go directly to the customer's desktop.

Picture 2.png

It is worth mentioning that, compared to the problem of frequent speed fluctuations in remote software on the market, Sunflower [Technical Support Agent]Enterprise Edition's highest level of remote service, the entire remote process is very smooth.

However, it should be noted that [technical support agent]is only an accessory service in the sunflower software service, which can only be accessed from the remote assistance entrance, and access from the host list does not enjoy the service.

Picture 3.png

As for the communication problems in the remote process, Sunflower Enterprise Edition supports direct communication with users through the two-way voice method in the remote process, while remote maintenance and voice communication to solve communication problems.

Picture 4.png

For some links that require user's independent operation, technical support can guide the user's operation through the sunflower's [whiteboard function]. Draw pictures on the screen to let the user know exactly what you are saying and what the user needs to do ...

Picture 5.png

In addition, for enterprises, technical support is a position that often needs to publicize the brand image externally, as well as a position that requires frequent contact with customers. Therefore, the company attaches great importance to each remote support, and is worried that some of our improper operations will cause customer complaints and affect the brand.

Therefore, enterprises want to see the process of remote support for every technical support. In this way, on the one hand, it can be used to improve the professionalism of the department, on the other hand, it can also avoid customer disputes. The sunflower [technical support agent]can meet this demand of the enterprise. Sunflower Enterprise Edition supports screen recording and background management of agents.

When the technical support is at the remote client device, the screen can be recorded throughout the process, so that all process information can be traced. In the event of an accident, the recorded video can be used as evidence of its own formal operation to avoid disputes and corporate brand image.

Picture 6.png

For employees in internal positions, companies can also manage agents in the background in a centralized manner, such as forcing an agent to log off ...

Picture 7.png

Or, view the remote log information of the current agent, such as when the user was remote, the user device information, and the remote enterprise device information of the user.

Picture 8.png

Whether it is for customers, technical support staff, or for enterprise operations, Sunflower's [technical support agent]can be said to be comprehensive, taking into account the current problems faced by technical support staff, and gave solutions. For me, a technical support practitioner, the company chose it, which greatly facilitated my remote support, and at least made my mouth spit fragrance significantly reduced.