iPhone: Android takes my body

Posted May 27, 20202 min read

In the eyes of most people, there are two kinds of mobile phones in the world, one is iPhone and the other is your phone.

iPhone calls are so high, as long as it is faster ... fast ... fa ...

Why is it so fast? This has to be said about the iOS system it carries.

Compared with the openness of Android's random brushing of third-party ROM, the iOS system is like a "big mountain" that is difficult to climb. Although the technology house is tossing, it is too much to lose.

For example, we can often see that Android phones are equipped with iOS systems, but we cannot see that iPhones are equipped with Android systems.

User:Who says you can't see it! Xiao Bian Singing

Recently, foreign developer matteyeux has spoken on social media and successfully implemented Android on iPhone 7.(Looking up from the chicken ...)

So amazing! How did they do it?

This has to start from Project Sandcastle(Sandcastle Project, not the Sand Sculpture Project !!!), this is a project determined to run Android on the iPhone.

Ten years ago, the co-founder of this team had successfully ported the Android system to the first-generation iPhone, and now they are successful again!

Although the iPhone transplanted with the Android system runs stuck, GPU, audio, Bluetooth, network, camera and other important hardware can not work properly, but this does not affect the editor to look at them.

The whole "transplantation process" in one sentence is that the immortal fight is extremely complicated, and ordinary people can't really play it.

I don't know if I can see the unification of the operating system in the mobile phone industry during my lifetime, just like the "Nokia Age".

Compared with the operation of the foreign geek "iPhone to Android", it will bring various "side effects".

I know that there is no side effect, and ordinary people can play Android on the iPhone ~

As long as the corresponding sunflower client is downloaded on the controlled Android phone, the iPhone can remotely control the Android phone and see the Android operation interface on the iPhone.(PS:the accused phone needs root)

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