Our opinions and suggestions on copyright protection

Posted May 26, 20201 min read

The Internet makes information production very convenient, objectively reduces the quality of works and increases the number of works. Therefore, writing a book becomes easy and making profit becomes difficult. In the same way as in the past, to protect the current writings, the input of public resources has become several times unsustainable. The result is that the protection measures are not in place, and any work is difficult to protect.

In the case of limited public resources, you can try to extract most of the power, only protect works with economic benefits(that is, piracy will cause losses), and give up protecting other works, let them maximize social benefits.

Works that need to be protected can take the same form as patents. First, a very short period of protection is given, and then the author renews to determine whether to continue the protection. Therefore, works that can produce economic benefits are selected and protected. At the same time, since the gold content of publications is much smaller than patents, it is reasonable to distribute protection.


The "Copyright Law Amendment(Draft)" is being publicly solicited for comments, which will expire on 2020-06-13. You can directly visit the China National People's Congress Network to make comments.