4 highlights of NetEase Smart Enterprise's 2020 annual meeting!

Posted May 27, 20204 min read

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Main title:4 highlights of NetEase Smart Enterprise 2020 Annual Meeting!

Subtitle:Netease does not talk about music, games or e-commerce this time. We talk about enterprise business.

In the beginning of 2020, it encountered a new crown epidemic, "black swan." In the process, some enterprises achieved growth against the trend, and some enterprises suffered a cliff-like decline and were even forced to close down.

"How do companies seize the opportunity?"

"How to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises in an era of rapid change?"

"How do companies have sustained growth?"


These problems have been repeatedly raised but cannot be solved.

At 19 o'clock on May 28, 2020, NetEase Smart Enterprise will start a 2020 meeting with the theme of "endogenous power".

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This time NetEase is not talking about music,

Don't talk about games,

Don't talk about e-commerce,

We talk about corporate business.

Look forward

_ 01 _ NetEase ’s latest B-end annual plan released

NetEase's integrated enterprise business in 2019 officially launched NetEase Smart Enterprise, and held a media communication meeting in Beijing in May 19th. This time, at the 2020 meeting that lasted more than a year, Ruan Liang, vice president of NetEase(Hangzhou) and general manager of NetEase Smart Enterprise, will attend and release NetEase's latest annual B-end plan, while targeting NetEase Smart Enterprise's new business in 2020 Share layout and results.

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In addition, Ruan Liang will interpret the concept of "enterprise growth" for the first time, deconstruct the new momentum of corporate growth, and launch a new corporate strategy. At that time, Ruan Liang will share NetEase's experience of using intelligent technology to drive itself, and how to horizontally integrate NetEase's 22-year AI, big data, communication audio and video technologies, and apply it to enterprise business scenarios to help companies improve their internal growth.

_ 02 _ NetEase Smart Enterprise adds two new members

NetEase Smart Enterprise will bring two new members-NetEase Positioning and NetEase Mutual Guest to the online press conference. NetEase Positioning is a real and professional user research and experience management platform, designed to gain insight into real attitudes, achieve a better experience, and drive business growth; NetEase Mutual Customer is to empower the sales of SCRM products converted by customers, designed to connect communication channels, Empower content interaction, improve customer management, and help organizational growth.

At present, on the one hand, due to the impact of the epidemic on the offline business, on the one hand, it is impacted by the wave of digitization. Many companies are faced with the problems of being unable to get online and offline due to the hasty completion of the digital transformation, and the difficulty of tracking and forecasting the sales process. Moreover, due to the lack of big data analysis support, companies cannot be accurately positioned, and the sales business is severely challenged. At this meeting, NetEase Mutual Customer will bring a new solution, with "interaction" as the starting point, so that sales-to-customer conversion becomes more social, simple, and intelligent. NetEase Positioning will launch "experience management" "Eye of Insight" helps companies create new economic value and competitive advantage.

_ 03 _ Heavy guests gathered to provide suggestions for corporate business

After the outbreak, the company's business accelerated from offline to online, such as online consultation in the medical industry, online teaching in the Internet education industry, etc. The outbreak forced enterprises to digitally transform and find new growth points in the reform. Problems that many companies have to face. At this meeting, NetEase Smart Enterprise invited two heavy guests-Mr. Jin Yiye, founder & CEO of Ping ++, and Ms. Zhang Yijia, founder & CEO of Jiaziguangnian, to discuss how "in the new digital era, companies "Find new growth points".

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This time, the three major scientific and technological talents will collide with each other from different perspectives, provide suggestions for enterprises to find new growth points, and help enterprises to achieve breakthroughs in growth.

_ 04 _ Live interpretation, pay tribute to entrepreneurs

Watch the preheated movie first

We salute your professional attitude,

You are changing offline to online, traditional to digital; academic to the public, and national to the world;

You have turned your passion into a cause that connects thousands of people intelligently.

Because of you,

The possibility of being detonated by products, users, and VCs in this world is no longer in step, but to survive, develop, create value, and change the world,

There is fire in my heart and light in my eyes.

NetEase Smart Enterprise, pay tribute to every entrepreneur who comes from the waves, we will fight side by side with you, ride the wind and waves!

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Talk about business with NetEase Smart Enterprise.

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