Say goodbye without graduation season

Posted Jun 16, 20202 min read

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I never thought that graduation was so close to me. In a few days, I would leave school and become a social person. I felt a little sad.
When I was in school, I didn t join many clubs like other classmates. Most of the time I lived in the dormitory(resting and sleeping), library(learning), classroom(classroom), and other times I was fighting. Sports such as basketball, table tennis, gym and swimming.

When I think back to my college life, there are gains and regrets. On the whole, I am still happy and very satisfied.

Develop the habit of reading

It is the so-called one life, two transports, three feng shuis, four accumulating yin and virtue, five readings. I am also influenced by some excellent people. I find that the more people who have the ability to master wealth, the more they love to read classic books, and they also benefit a lot from it.

I hope that in the future I can read more classic books, but the university still reads less.

Master a skill that can feed you

Thank you for learning the front-end when you are freshman, and thank you for persevering. Although I have anxiety and doubts, I am very grateful to some online friends for their questions and guidance.

In the end, I also found a job that could support myself. Although the goals set before graduation were not achieved, the gap was much smaller.

There are regrets, and the rest of the time will be spent trying to catch up. I firmly believe that heaven is rewarded with hard work, nine points of sweat, and one luck.


My public account was originally called [Can t open]. I registered when I was a freshman. At that time, my uncle often wrote articles to the public account. I also like it very much. I also want to write some people around me in the future. And things, but ash after writing a few articles.

Later, when I was in my junior year, I picked it up again and changed the name [Front-end freshman]. I hope to write some technical articles and things about my life, and I can also record my growth. Sharing it can help some people. That's great. After all, I also benefit a lot from articles written by others.

I hope to output more high-quality articles in the future and stick to it.


I used to play badminton, table tennis and basketball before going to college. When I was in college, I also learned to swim. I ate a lot of water in the school swimming pool. I learned breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle. Maybe the movements are not very standard, but I can t drown. , Hahaha.

There is also fitness. I also gained some good friends in the gym and guided me to exercise. I also tried to buy protein powder for the first time.

Long board, I saw a lot of skateboarding in the school, just at home during the epidemic, I watched the video and saw that someone was playing this handsome, so I bought one to try, and found that it was really interesting, and I fell several times. Finally I can stand up and turn around.

to sum up

Well, the above is almost the author's college life.

In the society I entered, I don t want to be rich, I just want to move forward one step at a time on my own path.

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