The easiest way to set up a fixed IP in Ubuntu!

Posted Jun 15, 20201 min read

Because the mouse sharing software needs to use a network connection, the IP of the desktop always changes, and the laptop will have to reconfigure the IP every time it restarts. So I set a fixed IP for ubuntu. The method is very simple, just configure it directly in the system settings.

1. View the default network configuration

Open the system "Setting", open "Network":

My wired network:

Start the terminal, "ifconfig" check the mask:

Record your configuration here, which will be used later:

  • IPv4:ip address
  • Default Route:Gateway address
  • Mask:
  • DNS:I have 2 DNS

2. Add fixed IP manually

Open the Network "Setting", the interface may be different:

Click "IPv4", the Address option is set to "Manual" manual mode, other configurations are as follows:

  • Set a static IP. In order to prevent conflicts with other students computers, I set an address of 210, namely: It is recommended that you also set a 200+ address
  • Other Netmask, Gateway, DNS are the same as before

After configuring, click "Apply" in the lower right corner, then restart the computer and it's ok!