[Introduction to the C language for beginners in the electronics department] The beautification of the Dev-cpp interface

Posted May 27, 20202 min read

Hello! How are you guys( ) ! Here is the Electronics Department of the School Science Association, welcome to read our novice tutorial.

We installed Dev-cpp in the last tutorial, but the visual theme of its default theme does not seem to be very good. In order to have a better code writing experience, let's beautify it.

The theme of Dev-cpp can be set under "Tools-> Editor Options", but this method is very cumbersome, and you need to adjust a lot of parameters yourself to get better results. Therefore, we recommend that you take a quicker way-load settings directly from the theme file.


  • First, from here download the configuration file, then, put the configuration file in "C:/Users(may be displayed as" user ")//AppData/Roaming/Dev-cpp ".

    (Supplement:You can also directly create a new "MonoKai.syntax" and open it with Notepad, copy and paste it in and save it. Note, please ensure that the suffix name is displayed when you view the file)

  • Then, open Dev-cpp, click "Tools" in the top menu bar, then select "Tools-> Editor Options-> Grammar", and then select "Monokai" in "Presets"(according to the previous step(The file name of the configuration file added in OK), and then confirm.

  • Select "Tools-> Editor Options-> Basic" in turn, then select "Black" in the place where the color is selected under "Highlight Current Line", and then confirm. The effect obtained after setting is as follows:



Recommended to continue reading the C language introductory guide of the Ministry of Electronics, the address is here

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