These two years as a semi-independent development

Posted May 27, 20202 min read

What is semi-independent development? I think that I am still working like me, and I am a developer of my own product on weekends. In fact, I released my first app in 2017. At that time, I made it as a test. The semi-independent development is in 2018. This year I released an application that I still maintain and update Share Accounting

Why should Zhenger Bajing make his own app and maintain it all the time?

Married for 17 years and found that I have needs, but can't find a suitable app, then do it yourself! Let s do it. The first version was completely made according to your needs. It took 3 months to launch the first version. What I did n t expect was that users will soon use it, and I added many requirements on WeChat. These requirements are also real and useful requirements that I have not considered, so I will continue to update and iterate based on these requirements. So it is the user's use, let me insist on maintaining and updating.

Why do we need to charge?

At the beginning, I really used Ai to generate electricity, and it was free. However, many users later mentioned why they did not charge, and I also felt very tired after adding it. I think it can be done without affecting the user s basic usage. Do some advanced features for a fee.

Why insist on making an app for a year and a half?

What I mentioned here is that it took me a year and a half Travel Diary from the idea to the first version to go online. Similarly, this is also based on An application that I need to make myself, I like traveling very much, so you can know what kind of app this is by looking at the name. What surprises me is that it really pays off. This application was recommended by Apple not long after it was launched. It was recommended many times in the future, and the best one was the first recommendation on the App Store home page(although not all Year-old push) But for me, I was really very pleasantly surprised, and also strengthened my determination to maintain

It is an honour to be invited to participate in the invitation letter for the developer relations of Apple Greater China yesterday, and went to the scene with two experts responsible for this in Apple s [Travel Diary]/id1440237237) carried out product exchanges and proposed many details to optimize, benefiting a lot! I really feel Apple's support for individual developers and I am flattered!

Why is there only an iOS client and no Android?

Because my job is to do iOS development, this is an area I am familiar with, so it is technically handy. In fact, I have considered writing on the Android side(I have studied Flutter for a while). However, due to the time and energy constraints, this plan is currently shelved. If conditions permit, I will do double-end.

Future plan

Currently working, on the premise of doing his job well, using off-hours and weekend time, to understand user needs, continue to maintain these two apps. There will also be development plans for other apps. My ultimate goal is to hope that my App can stably support my daily life, after which I will make my own products full-time, because I do n t want to be a working dog from 9 to 5 in my heart, and I yearn for a free life. .. to travel the world ...