Through the FLOW "co-creation" action philosophy, let companies cross organizational boundaries

Posted May 25, 20203 min read

Technical Editor:Zong En SiFou Office
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The editor has recently discovered a very good collaboration tool called Flow, which not only improves efficiency, but also expands many interesting forms of activities. Recommend it to you today!

What is FLOW

FLOW is to provide operators with a co-creation workbench that integrates Internet tools, cross-border talents and innovative methods, so that they can achieve innovation and creativity efficiently and at low cost. It is a collaboration tool for innovative organizations.

Simple but systematic thinking aids allow team members to gather consensus, do their best and form a joint effort, clear goal management, effectively link and achieve the unity of the organization s macro goals with the team s specific work. With the support of FLOW, the organization can In different stages of development or in different business scenarios, system thinking and flexible changes.

What are the functions of FLOW

  • Whiteboard:a creative tool that connects collective wisdom
  • Canvas tool:a thinking tool that makes thinking more systematic and efficient
  • Project:A project with goals is a good project
  • Cross-team collaboration:project members flexibly combine to allow the right people to do the right thing
  • Goal management:Setting a good goal is the key to solving the problem
  • One-click book:let the team's work process and results be integrated with one click

Partial canvas

Think No SegmentFault Dialogue Flow

Q:Is this product released recently? How has the product been updated and iterated?

A:Our product development process is also inspired by Notion. My own feeling Notion highlights assembleability, Flow highlights scalability, Flow tends to do various extensions under a framework.

It has been 6 years since YITOPIA. Flow was iterated by our team based on our team s observations over the past 6 years. Since 2017, our team has been using the system as internal communication and collaboration.

Q:Who do you think Flow's domestic target products are?

A:As far as our own positioning is concerned, I feel like a new collaboration system, or a new concept. I feel that teambition, studs and the like are to improve efficiency in the original collaboration process, and Flow will focus more on Our understanding of collaboration will place greater emphasis on individuals and flattening.

Q:How many users are using this product now? Is there a clear user profile? Is it a freelancer, or a small team or a club in the school?

A:Because there is no benchmark product, I think the potential is huge, but it is also difficult.
We now have 30,000 registered users; small teams, freelancers, including public welfare organizations, and some large customers, which are customized.

Q:I see that our official website has introduced the security of products. I believe that users must attach great importance to privacy. We solved this problem through technology. What other advantages do we have in technology?

Well, we have a lot of technical considerations in terms of security. In addition to technical considerations, we have also done a lot of guidance on interaction to avoid users from sharing data due to misoperation. This is also the example given by Zoom.

A:Does our offline business bring some inspiration to this product?

Q:Yes, most of the customers who work with us are the innovation departments in the company, which gives us a big feeling. Now many large companies, including state-owned enterprises, are very eager to find new collaboration processes, and we provide offline The workshop service guides everyone to collaborate and innovate in a more active way, and then our tools match our offline collaboration model. Offline business and online products have been guiding and iterating with each other.

Especially for this year's epidemic, our customers have used our platform to carry out many workshops where they face customers.

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