Thinking of 8th Anniversary Thanksgiving Feedback

Posted Jun 15, 20202 min read

Hi friends, SegmentFault is 8 years old!

The SegmentFault community has gone through 8 years from June 1, 2012 to the present day. In the past 8 years, SegmentFault community has grown and progressed with users. For the past 8 years, it is fortunate that you will be with you.

In the past 8 years, SegmentFault and users have grown and progressed together. We found that the biggest gain is the attention and love of many users.Sofo programming under the community of Sinuo thanks you for your support. Here I buy it in 618 On the day of buying and buying, a gratitude feedback activity will be held to give everyone benefits!

The event is officially launched at 12:00 noon on June 18, during the event there will be benefits such as spikes, ultra-low discounts, sweepstakes(100%winning), and now it s a long-awaited course The moment to start!

Anxious friends can participate in the preheating event. The preheating event carefully prepares 4 great gifts for everyone to ensure that everyone can win 100%.

*4 What are the great gifts? And look at the picture below *

Technical books, cash red envelopes, Sifu shop, a lot of discount coupons, 10 yuan, Sinu custom T-shirts
Draft Design Export-20200615-105341.jpg

Identify the QR code below Enter the pre-heating sharing event and get the prize immediately

618poster_artboard 1.png

After introducing the warm-up event, let's reveal the gameplay of official event~

Official event time

12:00 noon on June 18, 2020-23:59 on June 24

Official event highlights

One of the highlights:Thinking about programming good class 1 fold up!

Front-end development, back-end development, mobile development, cloud computing/big data, database/operation and maintenance

Highlight 2:High quality and good class every day!

Daily limited spikes during the event

Qi Fing, CTO of SegmentFault Community, is a lecturer. It is produced by SiFu. It takes 6 months to meet the needs of talents in the market. It takes 6 months for many experts to strictly control and create a programming class that everyone should learn. The course is repeatedly polished by internal teams. The experience test is optimized and launched online.

Everyone Lesson Head Picture.png

Highlight 4:You can participate in the lucky draw(100%winning)

Without any routines, you can participate in the lucky draw during the event.

This official event can be called the biggest welfare effort ever in the history of Sifu Programming, and it must not be missed! High-quality course discount coupons, physical gifts, exquisite gift packages, etc....... Gifts are soft, and there are no routines, you can participate in the lottery activity when buying lessons, anxious friends quickly scan the top QR code to participate in the warm-up event! **