Waves after the Yangtze River during the Dragon Boat Festival

Posted Jun 27, 20203 min read

I went to the Yangtze River during the Dragon Boat Festival, not to commemorate Qu Yuan, but just to go out and play.


Basically, all the cultures in Chinese culture have been transformed into one word-eat.

Diet men and women, life is also around the word development and inheritance.

Eat dumplings during the Spring Festival, dumplings on the Lantern Festival, moon cakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival. The merchants are also very busy. They started selling dumplings in the mall on May 1st. When they went to the mall on the last Dragon Boat Festival, they already started selling moon cakes.

It can be seen that the breath of business is already in front of the culture, although the culture has only one word left.

After the Dragon Boat Festival, I discovered that I didn't eat dumplings. Most of the dumplings in Jiangsu and Zhejiang were meat dumplings.

I wanted to take a look at the Shanghai-Hong Kong Bridge that had just been built. However, Tiangong did not make beauty, and the fog was very heavy. At first, I could only see a simple outline. When I reached the middle of the river, I could see nothing.

The Yangtze River is actually very different from what I imagined. The river surface in my imagination should be sweeping and magnificent. In fact, it was some muddy rivers, beating tirelessly, wave after wave. On the surface of the river are ships passing by, and in the distance it looks like a building like a chemical factory, with white smoke.

There is no reason to think of Yang Guang, the emperor of Suiyang, the emperor who built the Grand Canal. If he did not go to Goryeo, it might also be an emperor forever, but unfortunately history cannot be repeated. However, we still have to sigh with a long history of shipping, which has contributed to China's cultural, economic and transportation.

The ship was full of big trucks, but people seemed insignificant.

Tickets are also cheaper, only a few dollars, but only cash. It should be affected by the epidemic. There are not many passengers crossing the river, but the vehicles transporting the goods are in a long and long queue. It can be seen that tourism is very valuable, but compared with the economy, it is still insignificant.

Jiang Feng is also very big. Many people rely on the railing to take pictures. Many adults hold their children against the river and look at something.

But what are you looking at? I couldn't see anything except the ships passing by, the blowing wind, and the mist in the distance.

The young children at the bow leaned on the railing. He looked at the river and I looked at them.


I took a picture of the river in the distance, and photographed the back of a strange child. I assigned a line to the picture-the envy of the Yangtze River.

Hao Yue said:"The moon stars are rare, the black magpie is flying south, is this not Cao Mengde's poem? Looking west to Xiakou, looking east to Wuchang, mountains and rivers, sullen, this is not Mengde's trapped by Zhou Lang? Fang Qi broke through Jingzhou, went down to the Jiangling, and flowed eastwards, thousands of miles away, and the flag was empty, the wine was on the river, the poems were entwined, and the heroes of Gu I, but now they are in safety? Kangwu and Ziyuqiao Above the zhu, the fish and shrimp are friends with the elk, driving a leaf-shaped boat, and holding the bottle to belong to it. Send the mayfly to the world, one of the misty seas. The sorrow of my life, envy the infiniteness of the Yangtze River. , Holding the bright moon and ending. Knowing is not a sudden experience, and trust is left in the sad wind."

Think about how young you were, but when you were young, you had never seen the rivers or mountains, because you lived in the plains. The life before college was only the high mountain of study, so I envy them a little.

Compared with the rolling Yangtze River, people's life is short, and there is not even a trace of waves, and it feels a bit desolate.

Instead, the back wave pushed the front wave.

Envy the endlessness of the Yangtze River, and envy that someone will always be young. But the young is not us, we will eventually grow old.

This world does not belong to us, nor to our children. Sooner or later it will belong to the grandchildren.


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