Does front-end development have to know background technology

Posted Jun 28, 20202 min read

First of all, after software development enters the age divided by characters, especially after Web2.0, front-end developers do not need to grasp the skills of back-end development. The way of separating front-end and back-end not only can improve the efficiency of development, but also in certain To a certain extent, the stability and scalability of software development are guaranteed, and the functions of the system also have a relatively active influence.
However, with the development of the mobile Internet, especially after the use of cloud computing, the job gap between front-end developers continues to expand. Front-end development and back-end development is a relatively significant development trend. The stack development route is now. From this point of view, it was necessary for front-end developers to have greater workplace value at that time, and to grasp certain common knowledge of back-end development.
From the perspective of software development, front-end developers can grasp certain common knowledge of back-end development, and can also improve their own communication skills to a certain extent, and the cooperation of software development teams will also have a relatively active impact. In the era of cloud computing and big data, front-end developers should pay more attention to the effects of cloud computing channels in the process of learning common knowledge of back-end development. In the future, front-end developers can complete the integration of many back-end services based on PaaS. This development method is not only It can lower the threshold of professional innovation, and it is easier to build an industrial ecology around skill channels. From this point of view, more skill channels will gradually expand the functional gap of front-end development in the future, so as to encourage more professional enterprises to join the channel ecosystem.
Front-end staff learn back-end development skills, can start from Nodejs, on the one hand front-end staff to learn and use Nodejs is more convenient, on the other hand, the use of Nodejs is also more widespread. In addition, in the process of learning Nodejs, you will also learn a series of back-end common sense.