Electron uses the electron-builder tool packaging process

Posted May 27, 20201 min read

  1. Install electron-builder

    npm install electron-builder --save-dev

  1. Configure electron-builder related parameters in the project's package.json file
  • For specific parameters, please refer to the official documentation: https://www.electron.build/configuration/configuration

  • My own configuration is posted below:


    "description":"A minimal Electron application",


      "electron":"^ 8.2.5",
      "electron-builder":"^ 22.6.1"
      "bootstrap":"^ 4.5.0",
      "electron-store":"^ 5.1.1",
      "uuid":"^ 8.1.0"


  • Note that if there is a problem with the download source, you can add it in the build


  1. Execute the packaging command

    npm run build

  1. Finish

After completion, the dist directory will be generated under the project directory