The days of training Java in Beijing

Posted May 25, 20203 min read

Written in front

After 16 years of Chinese New Year, I decided to come to Beijing to train and learn Java development. The entire Spring Festival of 16 years has been very disturbing. On the one hand, I am worried about the uncertainty of the future path. Although it was clear at that time to learn Java skills, after all, this path can not guarantee that I can go through. Another aspect is that I graduated and I am on campus. The responsibilities and mentality are obviously different. Therefore, during the Spring Festival, the time spent in my hometown was particularly short. I bought a train ticket for going north on the seventh day of the Chinese New Year.

New to Beijing

Why did you choose to study Java in Beijing at the time? One is that this is the first line. There are relatively many job opportunities in the computer Internet. The second is that I have relatives in Beijing. At least when I first arrived in Beijing, the problem of accommodation was that I did n t have to use myself. To worry about. At that time, I came to Beijing after the Lunar New Year and went to the relevant training institution to inquire about it. There are still about 20 days from the nearest class registration time. This gap time, I was thinking about what to do. It is really shy. I have graduated myself and have no intention of taking my parents' money again.

At that time, I found a job as a bus safety officer. This is a daily end. There is no limit to how long I can work, and it is still controlled. One day's salary is 140 yuan. What does this job do? It is responsible for the security work on the bus, reminding passengers not to carry flammable and explosive materials. Handle emergency emergencies on buses. It seems easy, but it is not. Every morning bus leaves at 5 o'clock, which means that if you are ranked in the early shift, you have to get up and follow the bus you have designated at this point. And at noon, there is no fixed meal time. If you are unlucky, you may not be able to catch up with lunch. The most magical thing is when I sleep, that is a tandem bed, which even becomes a chase shop. I wake up every morning and lose my mobile phone. I really get up every morning. Where is someone looking for their mobile phone? Because this worker is very mobile and people leave every day. So many lost mobile phones will not be found.

Coincidentally, my own cell phone has survived in my 20 days of work. It may be that my mobile phone is really not in the eyes of others. Because they knew that even if they took my phone, they couldn't sell it at a good price. In this way, I made a small amount of money and ended the work of the bus safety officer.

Training and learning

The days of studying in Beijing training institutions are still very fulfilling overall. This is the period of time I have never studied seriously since graduating from high school. Because, at that time, I had only one way to go, and the tuition for the training class was worth the tuition for my four-year university. The key is that the tuition is still borrowed from the financial institution that cooperated with the training course. Interest is 10%annualized. It can be said that there is no other way out. I never thought about what to do if this road fails. At that time, my mind was thinking that even if the salary is low, I have to enter this industry. Because this is a craft. It is a practical skill that requires time to accumulate.
In the training class, I met a group of students from all over the country who came to study Java. Some of them have computer backgrounds from university courses, some other majors like me came to change their careers, and some have been in the society for many years to learn Java. of. One of them was very impressed. There was a small partner who graduated from junior high school for many years. Before that, he had been engaged in delivery and courier work in his hometown. I did n t know whether it was helpless to life. Here, everyone's story is different, but there is a common goal, which is to hope that after learning, you can find a job related to Java development.

Therefore, the students here, everyone is studying very seriously, of course, there are also errands, who really did not understand the purpose of training and learning Java, they may still be young! After all, young and fearless. But there is really no need to spend this injustice. Isn't it good to buy yourself a good computer?

Rediscover a job

After finishing the intensive training and study, the students in the class started to find the corresponding development work. At that time, the urgency to find a job was very sufficient because I was facing the pressure of returning the tuition fee, which is left to you. There are not many time windows for finding a job, and after finishing the training course, the economy is even more stretched. If you ca n t find a job in that month, you wo n t be able to repay your training loan next month. He started his CV resume, and 3 and 4 interviewed every day. When I was interviewing outside at noon, I was reluctant to buy it at noon, and it was really impossible to open the pot at home. Although the process is full of twists and turns. But the result is okay, and soon I joined a company. Engaged in Java development. The belief given to myself at the time was that, no matter what, I needed to get into this profession.