6 Turing Award winners, more than 10 academicians, 19 sub-forums: Beijing Zhiyuan Conference invites you to explore AI next decade

Posted May 27, 20206 min read


2020 is the end of a decade and the beginning of the next decade.

In the past decade, artificial intelligence, driven by factors such as deep learning algorithms, large-scale computing power, new chips, and massive data collected on the Internet, has experienced rapid and rapid development, and has begun to profoundly change all aspects of our lives, learning, and work.

In the next ten years, how will artificial intelligence develop and how will it affect the entire society? This will be a complex systems engineering-how to build an open and collaborative innovation system of multiple disciplines, how to promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence and economic and social development, how to build a safe and controllable governance system for artificial intelligence, and how to work with countries to develop a major commonality Challenged research and cooperation? These problems urgently need to be jointly explored by people of insight in the global academic and industrial circles.

On June 21-24, 2020, the second Beijing Zhiyuan Conference will invite hundreds of AI leaders including 6 Turing Award winners and more than 10 academicians to review the past, look to the future, and delve into systematic discussions "The next decade of artificial intelligence."

Why is it not to be missed at the annual Beijing Zhiyuan Conference?

01 Word-of-mouth event, insider's perspective

In 2019, the first Beijing Zhiyuan Conference was positioned as a "real expert AI event", showing the world that Beijing's artificial intelligence is open, active, and values ​​sustainable development.

2020 Beijing Zhiyuan Conference will continue to focus on internationality, authority and professionalism, with the goal of creating an academic atmosphere, promoting international exchanges and cooperation, creating a world artificial intelligence academic highland, and shaping a central hub linking the world's artificial intelligence industry and academic resources. Experts and scholars in the frontier and cross-cutting fields of artificial intelligence at home and abroad continue to discuss future trends from a truly expert perspective and interpret the latest developments and progress in the industry.

02 Building a tall house, analyzing the flow of ten years

Living on top of a tall building with Jianlu water-invite top scholars in various fields of artificial intelligence to sit in the furnace and discuss the cutting-edge issues of international artificial intelligence development.

Relying on Beijing's scientific research and talent advantages in the field of artificial intelligence, Beijing Zhiyuan Conference widely invites top experts and scholars in the field of artificial intelligence at home and abroad to conduct a dialogue around academic frontiers and hot issues in the field of intelligence, explore the development trend of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, and The topics such as the status quo of the development of intelligent basic research, the opportunities and challenges facing it, and the core direction of the future development of artificial intelligence technology will be shared and discussed.

The chairman of this conference is Zhang Hongjiang, chairman of Zhiyuan Research Institute and partner of source code investment, Gao Wen, member of the academic advisory committee of Zhiyuan Research Institute and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. The chairman of the program is Huang Tiejun, dean of Zhiyuan Research Institute and professor of Peking University, and Tang Jie, academic dean of Zhiyuan Research Institute and professor of Tsinghua University.

The gathering of outstanding talents at this conference includes not only 6 Turing Award winners from the United States, Canada and France:Geoffrey Hinton, Alan Kay, Judea Pearl, Manuel Blum, Joseph Sifakis, John Hopcroft(Zhiyuan Academic Advisor) Committee member); There are also many world-class experts in various fields of artificial intelligence:Academicians of the British Academy of Sciences, Professor of the University of Manchester, and Steve Furber of the Zhiyuan Academic Advisory Committee; Professor of the Swiss AI Laboratory and father of LSTM Jürgen Schmidhuber; American Academy of Engineering Academician, foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Michigan State University Anil Jain(H-index 188, ranking first in the world of computer science); Academician of the American Academy of Engineering, numerical optimization authority Jorge Nocedal; Dean of Columbia University Data Science Institute Zhou Yizhen(Jeannette M Wing); Academician of the American Academy of Engineering, Director of the MIT Connection Science Laboratory Alex Pentland; AAAI President-elect, Cornell University Professor Bart Selman; MIT CSAIL Professor, Smart Medical Expert Regina Barzilay; Professor CMU, Apple AI Director Ruslan Salakhutdinov, etc. . Domestic experts include Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chairman of Zhiyuan Academic Advisory Committee Zhang Cy; Founder and CEO of Innovation Works Li Kaifu; Founder and CEO of Qiqintan Lu Qi; Professor Tsinghua University Zhang Yaqin; Academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Hong Kong Baptist University Vice President Guo Yike and other academic and industrial leaders.

03 Tens of thousands of people "connect", real-time interactive communication

This session of the conference adopts an all-online model, while fighting the pressure of the epidemic situation, breaking the geographical restrictions and maximizing the convenience of participation. It is expected that 30,000 people will watch online and participate in communication and interaction at the same time.

In addition to the overall agenda, the conference has set up 19 special forums, covering topics such as the foundation of artificial intelligence and mathematics, natural language processing, intelligent architecture and chips, artificial intelligence ethics governance and sustainable development, machine learning, intelligent information retrieval and mining, Cognitive Neural Basis, Machine Perception, Decision Intelligence, AI Healthcare, AI Entrepreneurship, AI Transportation, AI + Big Data + Epidemic Prevention, AI Framework, Graph Neural Network, Knowledge Intelligence, Reinforcement Learning, Young Scientists Machine Learning Frontier, and AI Tech Women , Traverse the basic research and innovative applications of artificial intelligence, analyze the latest developments in artificial intelligence in light of the current situation, and explore the future development direction.

The chairman of the forum brought together Michael I. Jordan, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and a member of the Zhiyuan Academic Advisory Committee, Xu Bo, director of the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a director of the Zhiyuan Research Institute, Lu Bai, a professor of the Tsinghua University and a director of the Zhiyuan Research Institute, and a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhiping Chief Scientist Zhang Pingwen, Yitu Technology Chief Technology Officer, Zhiyuan Chief Scientist Yan Shuicheng, Renmin University of China Professor, Zhiyuan Chief Scientist Wen Jirong, Chinese Academy of Sciences Researcher, Zhiyuan Chief Scientist Chen Yunji, Tsinghua University Professor, Zhiyuan Chief scientist Sun Maosong, researcher of the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of Zhiyuan Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Safety Research Center, Zeng Yi, professor of Tsinghua University, researcher of Zhiyuan Chen Wenguang, head of Didi Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, researcher of Zhiyuan Ye Jieping, associate professor of Tsinghua University , Zhiyuan Young Scientist Liu Zhiyuan, professor at Beijing Normal University, deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning Liu Jia, professor at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Lu Weifeng and other domestic and international research representatives.

In terms of link settings, there are also sharing forms such as academic reports, cutting-edge dialogues, round table forums, and interviews with live broadcast rooms. The AI ​​level will also challenge the decision-making intelligence peak-the real-time strategy game "StarCraft" master-level players, as participants Open a more comprehensive viewing angle and create more interactive topics.

Registration for 2020 Beijing Zhiyuan Conference is now fully launched

The conference is now open free registration , expert sharing in the field of artificial intelligence not to be missed, waiting for you to witness.

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