Interview summary

Posted May 28, 20202 min read

Interview summary

Looking back on the interviews that took place between February and March, I interviewed Baidu, Kuaishou, Meituan, Didi, Ali Mama, Toutiao shopee(Singapore)
The following will list some of the more questions asked during the interview
Number is used to indicate frequency


  • H5 added tags
  • flex layout flex:1
  • position
  • Center horizontally and vertically
  • Fixed on the left and adaptive on the right
  • Animation animation
  • Box model
  • rem, em, vh, etc.


  • Basic data structure and judgment method
  • null and undefined
  • hoisting
  • scope
  • this
  • Prototype and prototype chain
  • new operator
  • Promise and common api usage and some extension questions based on Promise. The headlines are quick to implement a promise.allSettled vs. async await
  • generator
  • Cross-domain and OPTIONS
  • Closures and functions Disadvantages
  • Common methods of arrays
  • ES6
  • Event Loop and a code will be given to tell the output order
  • Call apply bind difference realize one of them
  • Anti-shake throttling
  • The array is out of order
  • Regular
  • Quick queue merge


Because I m not very familiar with Vue

  • Two-way binding of Vue
  • proxy and defineProperty
  • computed and watch
  • How to do component reuse slot mixin these advantages and disadvantages
  • Vue-router implementation principle
  • Vue source code


  • Life cycle and render and commit stages
  • The meaning of Fiber What problem is solved How to achieve
  • Pros and cons of React Hooks Why do you need
  • React performance optimization and the role of key diff process
  • setState synchronous asynchronous problem
  • Component reuse HOC render props mixin comparison
  • State management tools such as Context and Redux
  • Difference between React and Vue
  • Given conditions to implement custom hooks
  • The difference between useLayoutEffect and useEffect
  • Suspense and Concurrent Mode

The internet

  • XSS and CSRF and if you can prevent it, you can extend it to $typeof in react
  • Same Origin Strategy
  • HTTP request header, status code, etc.
  • HTTP cache and browser cache
  • The whole process of initiating an HTTP request
  • HTTPS connection establishment process and function
  • HTTP2
  • Symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption(mostly asked with HTTPS)
  • Cookies Session LocalStorage Service worker

Algorithm and others

Generally speaking, the hard ones are not easy or meduim.

For example:the largest sub-column and the penultimate k-th linked list Binary tree inversion Binary tree maximum depth Find an element in the tree object output path, etc.

Others such as

  • Enter a URL in the browser to fully show what happened on the page
  • Design your own components etc. given conditions
  • Performance optimization(because the resume is written), so the most asked and the most detailed involves the project. Basically every company will ask.
  • png jpg webp and other pictures difference
  • Have seen the source code and what