Moodle prompts original IP when installing

Posted May 26, 20201 min read

When installing Moodle, the following error is prompted, which prevents the installation from proceeding.

Installation must be finished from the original IP address, sorry

[ Snag_162e2894 ][ .png)

This is because the IP address accessed during the first installation is inconsistent with what is recorded in the system.

You can log in the database used and run the following SQL

UPDATE mdl \ _user set lastip = 75 .143.6.191 where username = admin ;

This IP address should be your current machine address.

:information_source: There is a problem here, if your server uses a CDN service like CloudFlare, The IP address will be different every time you access your server, no matter how you change it, it may have no effect.

You need to stop CloudFlare's Proxy CDN server and let CloudFlare use the original address you visited.

In addition, you can visit Apache's access.log to determine what IP address your server is currently receiving.

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