AI--The first chapter notes [Yuntu Zhilian]

Posted Jun 16, 20206 min read

Illustrator graphic design and image design

Tasks in this chapter

  • Understand the difference between AI software and PS software
  • Understand the application areas of AI software
  • Master the basic operation of AI software

Introduction of AI software

Learning purpose:

  • Understand the characteristics of AI software
  • Understand the difference between AI and PS software

Simple understanding of AI software:


1) It is one of the most famous design software in the world

2) The vector graphics it draws can be enlarged and reduced arbitrarily without distortion

3) It can realize the conversion between vector and bitmap

The difference between bitmap and vector diagram:

Bitmap(bitmap)-composed of pixels, with pixel restrictions


Bitmap generation

Shot from a digital camera

Draw and render through design or other software

Pros and cons of bitmaps

Advantages:rich color, light and shadow relationship is in place

Disadvantages:pixels will be distorted, pixel blocks(mosaic) appear

Vector graphics-graphics drawn by the computer based on geometric characteristics


Generation of vector graphics

It consists of a point or a line, which can only be drawn by software

Pros and cons of vector graphics

Advantages:amplification will not be distorted

Disadvantages:single color, light and shadow relationship is not in place

The difference between AI software and PS software:


  • Drawing field

      AI is a vector graphic design;
      PS is a bitmap(pixel) image design;
  • Effect after zooming in

      AI is magnified without distortion
      PS will be distorted after magnification
  • Canvas and workspace

      AI can create multiple canvases simultaneously when creating new canvases;
      AI can be drawn in the work area or in the draft area;
      PS can only build one canvas when creating a new canvas;
      PS can only draw in the workspace;

Application areas of AI design

Learning purpose:

  • Understand the main application areas of AI design


  • Advertising Design


  • Layout Design


  • Illustration Design


  • Package Design


  • Bookbinding


  • VI Design


AI software working environment

Learning purpose:

  • Basic understanding of working interface

working interface:


  • Menu Bar
  • Toolbox
  • Draft area
  • Drawing area
  • shift

Preferences and performance optimization


  • Shortcut key:Ctrl+K; optimize computer performance

  • Implementation ideas

       Perform "Edit"-"Preferences" to customize the environment settings

Illustrator file management

create a new file:


New file method:

"File" menu-New

Shortcut key:Ctrl+N

Notes on new file creation:

Name:Named according to the design content



Pixel:The designed content is displayed on the electronic device

Mm mm(domestic unit, commonly used):When the design content needs to be printed

Cm cm(domestic unit):when the design content needs to be printed


Bleeding value:3mm

When the design content is cut, the error between the content area and the cutting edge


Color mode:

RGB:The designed content is displayed on the electronic device

CMYK:When the design content needs to be printed

More settings


Canvas arrangement direction

Canvas spacing

Canvas reset, etc.

open a file


Open file method:

"File" menu-Open

Shortcut key:Ctrl+O

Drag and drop directly from the folder to the software

Notes on opening files:

Files opened by commands or shortcut keys are presented in separate windows;

Can open .psd, .ai, .png, .jpg and other format files;

When dragging and dropping directly into the AI software window, the file is placed in the form;

When the AI software window is reopened by drag and drop, the file is embedded.

Place and embed files


Place file

The file is related to the path where it is located. If the path changes, the file will prompt that it is missing;


  1. "Embed" the file into the software;


  1. "Package" the source file with the file material;

  2. Packaging method:

"File" menu-packaging

Advantages:The generated files are relatively small and occupy less computer memory;

Disadvantages:the file picture is related to the path, and the picture is easy to lose;

Embedded files


The file has nothing to do with its path

Advantages:The file picture has nothing to do with the path, the picture is not easy to lose;

Disadvantages:the generated files are relatively large and occupy a large amount of computer memory;

save document

Save as source file


Storage format:

.AI source file format

.PDF read-only format

.SVG A vector format, usually used in web design

Storage method:

  1. "File" menu-Storage


  1. "File" menu-save as;


  1. "File" menu-save as copy


Save as picture


Storage format:

.PNG transparent format

.JPG compression format

.PSD layered format, can be opened in PS

.TIFF A flexible bitmap format

Storage method:

"File" menu-Export-Export as

"File" menu-Export-Store in all formats of Web


Matters needing attention:


Tick "Use Artboard"

Only the content in the artboard can be exported

Uncheck "Use Artboard"

You can export all the contents of the draft area and the work area

Display of files

Adjust the screen display scale


  1. "Zoom Tool"(Z)

  2. Shortcut keys

Enlarge the picture:Ctrl+ +

Zoom out the screen(Ctrl+"-"

3.Alt+Mouse wheel

Mobile screen


  1. "Hand Tool"(Z)


  1. Space bar + mouse drag

Display of the page

Set page size parameter



"File" menu-document settings

Shortcut key:Ctrl+Alt+P

Set the document size, bleeding value, canvas size, etc.

Application Ruler

Shortcut key:Ctrl+R

Display ruler

Hide ruler

Reference line

  1. The reference line can only be called out when there is a scale

  2. Show guide lines and hide guide lines

Shortcut key:Ctrl+ ;

"View" menu-reference lines-show/hide reference lines

  1. Lock the reference line

Shortcut key:Ctrl+Alt+ ;

"View" Menu-Reference Line-Lock/Unlock Reference Line

  1. Select the reference line to delete it

Bitmap and vector transformation

Bitmap to vector


  1. Embed the bitmap into the AI software;

  2. Select Bitmap-Image Tracing-High Fidelity Tracing-OK


  1. Click on Expand


  1. Right mouse button-ungroup

Convert vector graphics to bitmaps


  1. Select the vector diagram in the AI software-Ctrl+C to copy;

  2. Open the PS software and create a new canvas-ctrl+V paste


  1. Choose the appropriate way to paste, commonly used "smart objects" items.