Call WeChat Mini Program Interface Stepping Pit: 41030: invalid page hint: [tFIkAa07161511]

Posted May 27, 20201 min read

After calling the interface of the applet to generate the QR code, it reported 41030:invalid page hint:\ [tFIkAa07161511 ]. After checking the reasons, we found that the WeChat limitation:

  1. Pass in the page to generate the QR code of the specified page. You must first upload the code, submit it for review and publish, and then generate the QR code interface in the published small program to call successfully It's a small program that is published. The domain name cannot have a port number, it's really a pit ...)
  2. Incoming page path, "/" cannot be added in front of pages
    Correct wording:"pages/login/loign"
    Wrong wording:"/pages/login/login"
  3. The parameters of the applet cannot exceed 32 characters