Migrant worker stays up late for a week! 1000+ pages of learning materials are free for everyone to share and download!

Posted Jun 6, 20202 min read

Recently, a lot of friends asked me for some learning materials, so I used my spare time to sort out some of the materials, interview questions, project information, data backup solutions and recovery, etc. that I had learned by myself before I stayed up late. It seems that there should be as many as 1000+ pages, and share it with everyone for free today! ***Not much nonsense, just go directly to the picture and go on hard goods! ! *

Pandas is a powerful tool set for analyzing structured data; its use is based on Numpy(providing high-performance matrix operations); it is used for data mining and data analysis, and also provides data cleaning functions. The best way to learn Pandas is to look at the official documentation:

"10 Minutes to pandas", "Pandas cookbook", "Learn Pandas"

The English version is a bit difficult to read, so I recommend the Chinese version of the official Pandas document to everyone!

How do I get this information?

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Extra benefits

The following are the learning materials before learning Python, which is very comprehensive, from Python basics, to web development, data analysis, machine learning, deep learning, financial quantification.

Python Knowledge Manual

Linux Knowledge Manual

Network programming, regular, mysql knowledge manual

Reptile Search Manual

Data analysis knowledge manual:

Machine learning knowledge manual:

Data collection:

Scan the code to reply in the background:Learning manual You can get the electronic version of all manuals