Developer Public Welfare Project 丨 Qi Yue Without Clothes, Together with Child-Assisting Overseas Chinese Program

Posted May 28, 20202 min read


"This epidemic, the first half in China, the second half abroad, and the Chinese overseas." This is a paragraph for us at home, and our compatriots abroad may be an unexpected encounter.

The co-founder of the domestic free-work community-Duck Community is @Char, a Chinese developer based in Canada. He said in a chat with the head of the Duck community @ :

"At the time of the worst epidemic in China, many overseas Chinese mobilized their resources to almost buy all the masks, goggles and protective clothing on the local market, and also called one by one through the domestic logistics channel at night to ensure that the materials were sent to the front In the hands of medical staff. But when it is the turn of the country and region where the epidemic is getting worse, they ca n t buy anything. "

Knowing this situation, the Dianya community co-construction team decided to launch an overseas Chinese project called "Qi Yue Wuyi, Tong Zipao" and contacted When I arrived at SegmentFault, I thought about the community to help carry out related work.


The whole aid plan adopts the action mode of domestic fundraising + purchasing masks + overseas Chinese volunteer organizations. According to the official website of the event, as of May 27, the project has received 3,700 mask donations and 10,880 yuan donations, helping 280 overseas Chinese families.

However, there are still 73 pieces of help information and 703 mask needs to be solved urgently; a larger number of overseas compatriots have not found a suitable help channel. There are many people who need help, there are many things to do, and more people are needed to contribute together. This is why SegmentFault thinks the community is willing to reach out and support.

In addition to donations and materials, the project is also recruiting volunteers:

  • Domestic Development Team:Responsible for the development of action thematic pages. It is currently full and will not be accepted.
  • Overseas Volunteer Group:Chinese developers who base overseas, take the lead to collect local Chinese help information, currently there are no people!
  • Event Promotion Group:Improve and promote our actions, affect more people, help more people, and currently lack people!
  • Information Material Group:responsible for the purchase of masks and coordination of international logistics, full.

Public welfare action official website:
Volunteer application entrance:
Overseas Chinese application assistance entrance:
Participate in GitHub open source:


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