No.49 How was your Taobao app turned up & this is probably the most popular way to open React Fiber

Posted Jun 28, 20202 min read

How is your Taobao APP called up

For the Taoist user growth team where the author is located, it is an important link to guide users to the mobile Taobao app. This article will share how the mobile phone browser or other app s H5 page is "summoned" by Tao Tao. This involves the concept of "calling end".

This is probably the most popular way to open React Fiber

Write an article about React Fiber, this Flag has been standing for a long time, this is one of the goals this year. The recent article on the Nuggets has received a lot of attention and encouragement, and has given me a lot of motivation. So I decided to write it down. I will explain it in the most popular way, so this is a popular article. Whether you are using React or Vue, the ideas are worth learning!

Complete fully automated delivery of SVG icons using Figma + GitHub Actions

Figma is my favorite design tool. It brings the design from the local to the cloud, making design collaboration possible. More importantly, the design data in the cloud can be obtained through the API, making the design engineering easier. The GitHub design team started using Figma very early, and their designers released a set of processes for automatically generating icons from Figma. In 2018, GitHub released Actions, which can automate some processes by writing scripts. With the help of the community, we can easily combine various existing Actions to implement our own automated workflow.

One article to help you understand AST

Abstract Syntax Tree(abbreviated as AST) is a tree-like representation of the abstract syntax structure of source code. The core of many tool libraries, such as webpack and eslint, implements code inspection, analysis and other operations through the concept of abstract syntax books. Today I will share with you the concept of abstract syntax trees for interpreted languages like JavaScript.