How did a new employee in Ali grow step by step

Posted May 27, 20204 min read

In Ali, every new employee will have a mentor after they come in. The mentors are generally very good employees in the team. Some departments may not be called mentors, but brothers, and may be more cordial, but I think mentors are more appropriate.

The instructor guides the process of new employees, I think it should be a PDCA process, that is, planning, execution, inspection and summary.

the first. Make a plan


For new employees, they must help them formulate learning and work plans to achieve plan-driven learning. There are many things to learn from Internet development. For new employees, they do n t know what to learn first and what to learn. Therefore, it is more important to drive the plan. Before working and studying, list a detailed study and work plan for the new employee, and ask the new employee if there is any problem with this plan and whether it can be completed. Before I study, I will probably explain to him, let him have a concept. For example, what kind of framework sofa is, what kind of problems it is used to solve, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the framework you have used.

second. Perform tasks


The new employee s theoretical learning cycle is generally relatively short, mainly to let him learn and grow in actual combat. Just a few weeks later, he should be allowed to directly enter the project, start with small needs, and then let him do the design of the demand. The mentor should learn to gradually decentralize, and don't always think about whether it will be a problem for him to do it or whether he will not be able to do it. It is necessary to put pressure on new employees to grow quickly when there is pressure.

third. Code inspection


The tutor is also coaching in actual combat, mainly for code review and questioning.

Code review. For the code of new employees, it takes a lot of time to help Core Review, review line by line, review the problematic code, and explain to the new employee where there is a problem and how to modify it to help improve the quality of the code in actual combat . Make new employees check in the code every day, and the instructors conduct CodeReview every day.

Use questions to improve your thinking skills. It is better to guide students to use the guidance method than the indoctrination method. The students will ask questions when they encounter problems. If you tell him the answer directly, he will absorb very little, so generally I will use the method of asking questions to guide students to think, such as this code Can it be optimized? Can these two SQL statements be combined into one? Cultivating the sense of teamwork will also use the method of asking questions. First, tell him a real case. A new employee has come to the XX company because he is not very familiar with the system, the documentation is very small, and there is no mentor to review the code for him. , So he caused a serious BUG when he modified the code, resulting in overtime until 1 o'clock to solve this problem. What are your experiences from this case? Through cases and questions, he realized the importance of teamwork.

fourth. to sum up


Summary is a very important part that can help new employees grow strategically. The summary is divided into two steps, affirmation and suggestion.

sure. In the public place, he is sure to do well. In the team's project summary meeting, he will give praise and affirmation. He will definitely do a good job in his recent work. For example, he is very good at asking questions and doing things very actively. The sure thing is that he hopes to keep it.

Suggestions:First give him some suggestions for growth, and then talk about the areas that need to be improved in recent work.
It is recommended to improve communication skills. Sometimes my colleagues ask questions with too little descriptive information. I have to keep asking questions to know what he is asking. So I told him to ask questions from the perspective of the audience when communicating. Whenever possible, describe the details of the question as soon as the listener understands it and answer you immediately. Otherwise, the listener must know what the problem is through continuous thinking and rhetorical questions. The less rhetorical questions are, the more efficient the question.
Don't ask repeated questions. Things that have been said must be remembered with things, which saves both parties time. For example, telling the students the password of the root of the development server must be immediately recorded in Evernote.
Think before asking questions. If you do n t think about each question by yourself, ask the instructor. This kind of growth is not easy to grow. You have to develop a good habit of asking your colleagues after you are puzzled.
Ask questions regularly. If you have any questions, think about it first. If you ca n t solve it, write it down first, and then choose a fixed time to ask questions together. If you think of a question, ask questions, you will develop the habit of thinking too lazy, and will continue to interrupt my work, affecting work efficiency.
Write at the end. Advice for mentors
As a tutor in the process of cultivating students, they will also grow, and they need to be hard-working, patient and responsible.

Communicate attentively. If the new employee has something to improve, privately say that he needs to improve, and explain in detail, so that it will not dispel the enthusiasm of the new employee, but also help the new employee improve.
The guidance needs patience. There must be many problems with the code written by the intern. It is also possible that the same problem will occur repeatedly. If there are more occurrences, it will definitely be angry. However, the guidance will be ok after it is found. . Can't just accuse him of writing such code, who hasn't experienced such a time. To accuse more will dispel the enthusiasm of interns to learn, which is not conducive to the growth of students.
Responsibility. It is your own responsibility to have problems. If online faults or bugs caused by the intern s code, do n t blame the students, but blame yourself, because you have not strictly implemented CodeReview.
Teaching is similar. Do n t resist being a tutor. Teaching is the same. In the process of taking students, many of the students questions can arouse their own thinking, so that the things they learn can be more solid. After speaking with the intern, there is a feeling of being old and new in the process of speaking, which can improve my technical ability.