13 free technical e-book resource stations collected for 6 years of work, to share with you

Posted May 28, 20204 min read

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Domestic articles

1. SoBooks (My Favorite)

SoBooks book download site is one of my favorite. It not only has a complete range of books, but also has a very high quality. I have benefited a lot from getting resources here for a long time.

The download method is also very simple, each book can get Baidu network disk, micro disk and other download station links, directly download or save the network disk.
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2. ePUBee Electronic Book Library

The types of ePUBee e-books are very comprehensive, and the quality of technical e-books is relatively high. Popular best-selling books can be downloaded here.
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Jumo Search is a search engine for books. After searching for a book, there will be a download link, which can be saved directly on the network disk. The operation is very simple, and the interface is very comfortable.

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4. Super Star Reading

The website is recommended for those who want to add professional knowledge. Those who love to read casual books can skip it directly.
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5, epubw

Every day there will be e-book updates, download through the network disk, is also one of my most used

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6, Turing Community

Some e-book download sites for code farmers, some of which require payment, some are free
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Many small friends still have a problem:What if I want to read those charged e-books?

7, Freezing Point Library

Freezing Library can download Baidu Library, Douding Network, Lilac Network, Electronics Network, MBAlib Think Tank,Ask Question Documents',EnjoyLibrary documents such asIT168, HP009, MAX, Book118, Dao Baba, Pyramid Medicine, Big Orange Lamp`, etc.

Multi-task download, breakpoint resume, Freezing Point Library can convert the desired articles into two files:pdf and txt

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As long as you copy and paste the corresponding link to the corresponding place of the Freezing Point Library.

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Foreign articles

1. B OK

B-OK is known as the world s largest electronic library. I like to see the recommended use of the original English version. The full English website, of course, requires English in search.

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2. Library Genesis

Library Genesis is a super strong English e-book library made by Russians. Containing major download sites, the storage of books, periodicals and documents is staggering. The difference with B-OK.xyz is that it supports more e-book formats, but there will be paid resources.

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3. Libgen Online Library

The advantages of Libgen Online Library are very comprehensive, and there is nothing wrong with it in all aspects. There are many e-book versions, easy to download, and the format is relatively complete. The page layout style looks quite comfortable

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4, PDFDrive

Friends who dislike the inaccurate translation of domestic books can come here to find the original English book
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5, BookSC

It contains more than 4 million books and 52.42 million documents and is part of the Z-Library project. The world's largest e-book library. Also supports full text search in the specified book Insert picture description here

6, Manybooks

Manybooks was established in 2004, and its vision is to provide free libraries in digital format on the Internet.
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