Huawei certification HCIA-Kunpeng Application Developer radio question summary

Posted May 28, 20204 min read


Recently took the Huawei HCIA-Kunpeng Application Developer certification exam. So share some exercises that were done during the training and test preparation.

The exam has a total of 90 minutes and 60 questions. There are single choice, multiple choice and judgment respectively. The total score is 1,000 points and 600 points.

Multiple choice exercise

1. Which winning Kirin version does the TaiShan server support?

A. Support NeoKylin Server v5.0 U5

B. Support NeoKylin Server v4.0 U4

C, Kylin Server v5.0 U5

D, Kylin Server v4.0 U4

2. Which of the following is not the advantage of TaiShan server?()

A. Localization, independent and safe controllable

B. Multiple physical cores, high concurrent performance

C. Low power consumption, green energy saving

D. Ecology is complete, and the upper application supports it well

3. Taishan200 server supports up to() DDR4 memory.

A, 100

B, 64

C, 32

D, 16

4. Taishan100 server supports up to() DDR4 memory.

A, 100

B, 64

C, 32

D, 16

5. XA320 high-density node is a 6000 high-density 1U half-width 2-way server node, based on Huawei Kunpeng 920 processor, the system can provide up to() core.

A, 128 core

B, 32 core

C, 64 core

D, 98 core

6. The instruction set version of Kunpeng 920 chip is()

A, arm9

B, arm11

C, armv7

D, armv8

7. The following capabilities are unique to the Kunpeng 920 chip.()

A. Maximum number of cores 128

B. Main frequency 2.6Ghz

C, 16nm process

D. Embedded encryption module

8.Huawei Kunpeng 916 chip is the industry's first to support multi-channel ARMCPU

A, first

B, second

C, third

D. Fourth

9. Huawei Kunpeng processor is based on() architecture

A, X86

B. power PC



10. Huawei Kunpeng processor is an enterprise series processor product independently developed by Huawei based on the ARM architecture, which includes() five product system systems.

A, "Calculate, save, pass, manage, and wisdom"

B, "Large, numerical, deposit, energy, technology"

C, "Germany, Wisdom, Body, Beauty, Labor"

D, cloud, large, physical, intelligent, 5G

11. Operating system installation process()

A. Prepare software, system installation method, configure system information

B. System installation method, prepare software, configure system information

C. System installation method, configure system information, prepare software

D. Without this option

12. In what year was openEuler OS open source?

A, 2010

B, 2016

C, 2018

D, 2019

13. The types of Kunpeng Elastic Cloud Server do not include

A, general type

B. Storage-intensive

C, memory-intensive

D. Network-intensive

14. Billing model of Huawei's BMS Kunpeng cloud service()

A, Annual and monthly payment

B. Pay on demand

C. Bidding

D. Sponsorship billing

15. Huawei's Kunpeng Elastic Cloud Server is called()




D, E2S

16. How many cores can Huawei Kunpeng BMS Cloud Server provide?

A, 32

B, 48

C, 64

D, 128

17.BenchmarkSQL scene configuration, which of the following statements is correct?

A. runMins, runTxnsPerTerminal must not be equal

B, runMins, runTxnsPerTerminal are all equal to 0

C. Specify the number of transactions that each Terminal runs, runMins must be equal to 0

D, runMins, runTxnsPerTerminal are not equal to 0

18. Which of the following is not a TPCC transaction type

A. Statistics of order total

B. New orders

C. Payment operation

D. Delivery

19.BenchmarkSQL compilation and installation requirements()

A, JDK5 or above

B, JDK6 or above

C, JDK7 or above

D, JDK8 or above

20. What does Terminals refer to in the BenchmarkSQL configuration file()

A. Specify the number of concurrent users

B. Database loading

C, database parallel number

D, the number of database tables

21. What does loadWorkers refer to in the BenchmarkSQL configuration file().

A. Number of concurrent users

B. The number of concurrent database loads

C, database parallel number

D, the number of database tables

22. What is the TPCC measurement standard?()

A, QphH

B. Response time

C, tpmC


23. The following is not part of the Hibench testing process()

A. Modify the corresponding configuration

B. Execute test script

C, test classification

D. View the test report

24.HiBench test-execute test()

A, Throughput(throughput)

B, packet loss

C. Price

D. Score

25. The image created with encrypted ECS is()

A. Encrypted image

B. Password mirroring

C, super mirror

D. Secret mirror

26. The mirroring service on the Huawei public cloud is called()





27. Calculation mode of elastic cloud server()?

A. Annual and monthly package

B. On-demand billing

C. Bidding

D, select all

28. The command to execute the following instructions in the SPECS directory to generate a binary version of the RPM package is()

A, rpmbuild --bb

B, rpmbuild -ba

C, rpmbuild bc

D. rpmbuild --be

29. The path for placing the source RPM package in the directory structure of the RPM Build folder is()





30. In which directory is the downloaded source package placed?()





31. What command is used for RPM packaging, and which command is from()

A, rpm, rpmbuild package

B, rpmbuild, rpm-build package

C, rpmbuild, rpmbuild package

D, rpm, rpm-build package

32. On what day was Kunpeng Lingyun Partner Program officially released().

A, 2019/7/23

B, 2019/6/21

C, 2019/1/7

D, 2019/5/31

33. Which of the following is not a service that the Kunpeng community can provide?()

A. Get migration guidance for massive software

B. Understand the Kunpeng solution

C. Obtain the latest Kunpeng consultation

D. Get community support directly

Here is only a summary of some of the main exercises, the focus is to read more textbooks and training videos. The next article will summarize the multiple choice exercises, so stay tuned!