Fluttered a Sina Weibo in a few days

Posted May 30, 20202 min read

Google officially released Flutter in December 2018, which is an excellent cross-platform framework that can be used to build applications for mobile, desktop, and Web platforms. Less than a year after its release, its popularity has surpassed React Native and the same field. The product. As you can see from the picture below:

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Compared to other options, Flutter has many unique advantages. These advantages are integrated into the design of the basic language and SDK to solve the common problems and defects of other technologies. In simple terms, the advantages of Flutter are mainly in the following aspects:Flutter applications can be compiled into native binaries. In terms of smooth rendering, it is difficult to surpass true native-built applications.

In addition to performance, another reason for Flutter's widespread usage is its excellent documentation and a large number of high-quality examples for reference.

Finally, Flutter is designed from the ground up based on an excellent language(Dart) and a fast high-performance rendering engine(Skia). Developers with different skill levels can build applications based on good design patterns and best practices.

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Many developers are able to create high-performance applications in a short time through Flutter. However, some time ago, someone took a Sina Weibo through Flutter and restored 80%of the Weibo interface. A total of dozens of them were involved. Interfaces and interfaces use most of the components in Flutter.

Partners who want to learn Flutter can do some reference. Here are some interfaces implemented by the project:

Home module:

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Video module:

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Discovery module:

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Message module:

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The creator also gave some related third-party libraries:

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If you think this project will help you learn Flutter, please refer to it, and finally attach the project address: github.com/huangruiLea

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