To customize small programs for state-owned enterprises, this "cloud service provider" will get it done in 1 month

Posted Jun 28, 20204 min read

Know Cloud

Know Cloud Smart Government and Enterprise Party Building Mini Program.png

Efficient and stable cloud cloud service + enterprise customized service has become the first choice for cloud in various industries.

Recently, Knowing Cloud helped the party branch of state-owned enterprises to successfully launch the "Smart Government and Enterprise Party Building Mini Program" to provide internal employees with an intelligent party building platform that integrates "propaganda, management, education, service, communication, and assessment", breaking the internal information of the organization. Barriers, improve the efficiency of party affairs, and promote the learning and growth of party members. The release of the party building mini-program indicates that the state-owned enterprise department has responded to the national call, followed the trend of the times, and completed the digital transformation.

In the past party affairs work, there are the following pain points:

  • No online communication platform, asymmetric information, insufficient internal communication
  • Party affairs rely on traditional work methods, which are inefficient and unintelligent
  • Party members have a single education method and content, lack of learning enthusiasm and teaching test

Know Cloud Smart Government and Enterprise Party Building Mini Program.png
Knowledge cloud smart government and enterprise party building applet.png

In-depth understanding of the complex work content and work processes of party affairs workers in all aspects of publicity, management, and education. According to the actual application scenarios of party affairs work, the "Smart Government and Party Building Program" is divided into four modules:information, learning, work, and personal center. . The masses can keep abreast of the latest information and participate in organizing activities. Party members can also see the activities they participate in and tasks assigned by their superiors on a small program. The "Smart Government and Enterprise Party Building Mini Program" makes party affairs work smart, data-based, traceable, and traceable, greatly improving the efficiency of the implementation of party building tasks.
Know Cloud Smart Government and Enterprise Party Building Mini Program.png
Know Cloud Smart Government and Enterprise Party Building Mini Program.png

"Smart government and enterprise party building small program" is to know that the program team is based on its serverless service--
Know Cloud Another new industry case completed by the platform. It took only one month to know that Cloud from project initiation to the launch of mini-programs to the vigorous promotion and use within the customer's enterprise, thanks to the deep customization support of Know-how to the mini-program platform.

Knowing that the cloud team can sort out the clear requirements and communicate with the customer to confirm the execution plan, quickly complete the small program construction, and hand over to the test engineers in the team for multi-dimensional tests such as grayscale testing, and the quality and quantity will be delivered on time. Previously, in cooperation with the Merlin Group, the mini-program matrix built around the "Merlin Magic Tour" and various campus tour mini-programs in cooperation with the Ministry of Education have been independently developed using Cloud.

Scan the code to experience the "Bangkok Ocean World" applet


Scan the code to experience the mini program "Visit Peking University"

The person in charge of knowing the cloud said:

Although the business processes vary greatly between different industries, their core functional logic is basically inseparable. Knowing that cloud is a cloud service platform, it is committed to helping enterprises better meet the needs of cloud in the era of new infrastructure construction(abbreviation:new infrastructure). *We provide a convenient and easy-to-use SDK that allows individual developers to use cloud-aware to complete small program development quickly and economically, and also provides enterprise-level customization services to help all industries to complete the strategic layout of the small program field *.

At present, Know Cloud has helped enterprises in the fields of cultural tourism, education, e-commerce, offline retail, community, government affairs, etc. complete the cloud plan. In the future, we look forward to exploring new forms of "cloud operations" with workers in various industries to find new possibilities in the 5G wave.