Professional score production software MuseScore 4 for Mac v4.0.0.27599 Chinese version

Posted Jun 15, 20202 min read

Are you looking for a free and easy-to-use score making software? The Chinese version of MuseScore 4 for Mac is a powerful, professional, free, and open source! musescore mac has the ability to make scores for large bands, and supports most of the notations prescribed by common notation, including notes, rests, all key signatures, repeated symbols, etc. With the assistance of MuseScore, users can compose their own staff, and they can also output multiple formats including PDF, PNG and MIDI, so that you can easily create and print beautiful and beautiful staffs.

MuseScore 4 for Mac function introduction

  1. MuseScore supports most of the symbols prescribed by common notation, including notes, rests, lyrics, chords, tuplets, decorative notes, emoticons, various clefs, all time signatures, all key signatures, Repeat marks and so on. With the ability to make scores for large bands, the common guitar scores and piano scores are completely unnecessary.

  2. One more point, if you need to share music with others, you can import and export MusicXML, standard MIDI files and files in Band-in-a-Box format. It also supports LilyPond. After completing the creation, you can print the sheet music in SVG, PDF or PNG format. If you need to share it with your friends, MuseScore can help you create a more professional sheet music.

  3. MuseScore is very popular among teachers because it is easy to learn and has features that students like. For amateurs, it will use yellow marks for out-of-range notes; for professional musicians, it will use red marks. It provides automatic note head positioning, unlimited time and scale changes, tuplet editing and unlimited lyrics. MuseScore also has functions such as a mixer, paragraph extraction, and decorative sounds.

MuseScore 4 for Mac software features

  1. The title, lyrics, etc. are available in Chinese

  2. Stave with unlimited rows

  3. Four lines can be used for each line of staff

  4. Use mouse, keyboard or MIDI keyboard to input notes, easy and fast

  5. Contains MIDI sequencer(sequencer) and software music synthesizer(software synthesiser) FluidSynth

  6. Can transfer and send MusicXML and standard MIDI files(SMF)

  7. WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get), enter notes on the score paper

  1. Unlimited number of staff

  2. Multiple voices:each staff supports up to four voices

  3. Simple and fast input of notes using mouse, keyboard or Midi device

  4. Use the built-in Midi player or software synthesizer FluidSynth to sound

  5. Can be read or saved as MusicXML or Midi file format

  6. Can run on Windows, Mac and Linux systems

  7. Has been translated into more than 26 languages

  8. Follow the GNU GPL license.