Front-end interview 3 + 1 daily-Day 408

Posted May 28, 20202 min read

Today's knowledge point(2020.05.28)-Day 408( I will also ask questions )

"The Analects of Confucius", Zeng Zi said:"My three provinces and my body"(I reflect on myself many times a day).
3 + 1 questions per day for front-end interviews. Use interview questions to drive learning and make progress every day!
Let hard work become a habit, let hard work become a kind of enjoyment!
Believe in the power of persistent! ! !

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Project address: 3 + 1 daily front-end interview
[Recommended]Welcome to toss the front-end together with jsliang. The system organizes the front-end knowledge. Currently, it is tossing LeetCode, intending to open up the two veins of algorithm and data structure. GitHub address

  • Learning is not closed, charging and refueling only for meeting a better self, 365 days without holidays, 5 a.m. every morning hand-posted interview questions(dead yourself, happy everyone) .
  • I hope everyone stays calm in this exaggerative front-end circle and insists on spending 20 minutes a day learning and thinking.
  • In this ever-changing and endless front-end library, I suggest that you should not wait until you are looking for a job to rush to ask questions, and advocate daily learning!(Do not forget the original intention, html, css, javascript is the cornerstone!)
  • Welcome to Issues communication, encourage PR, thank Star, if you have any good suggestions, you can add me to WeChat to communicate and discuss!

I hope everyone daily learn and think, this is the purpose of coming here! ! !(Do n t come for whom, but for yourself!)

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