What are the platforms that can do business processes in China?

Posted May 25, 20202 min read

We use some domestic codeless development platforms to complete some business processes is still very simple, choose business process management development platform should be as timely as possible according to the development status of the enterprise to adjust and modify the management software at any time, in order to respond to the market to make business processes To make changes, it is more recommended for the domestic white code no-code development platform. For details, you can see the following introduction:

Custom process function

No code development platform means that the underlying code has been encapsulated into components and modules. We do n t need to write code, we can complete some business functions by dragging and dropping components, and customize business processes according to the business needs of the enterprise to meet a variety of Application scenarios.

Data set association

Sometimes a data set is often unable to complete some business functions, white code also supports data set association, through the data set association can complete more business needs.

Not limited to developing business processes

The general platform may only be able to complete business processes and form functions. White code can also do some business logic, functional calculations, etc., and can even make a more complex ERP, CRM, OA, invoicing and other management systems.(Many sets of management system templates are also provided, ready to use, if you are interested, you can try it ~)

In addition, the white code also provides code expansion function, whether it is a programmer or a zero-based business personnel can use it, if you are interested, you can try it ~