Qi Jun: Probably the best investor who understands architecture

Posted Jun 16, 20206 min read

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  • Introduction:Qi Jun s rapid growth is inseparable from the opportunity and the important task of Bole, who was invited to start a business one or two years after graduation. When tired of CTO, he switched to VC and took off again as the deputy of the big boss. The story of this post-90s technical man may give you new enlightenment.

The following is Qi Jun's personal interview, recommended reading(about 3 minutes).

The night before is hard to bear, the dawn is rare

I am a person who is very active in embracing new things. I am passionate about learning and practicing new technologies. From Docker to TensorFlow, as long as I confirm that the technology promotes the product and may become a trend, I dare to apply these technologies to the product, which belongs to the architecture. The bravery in the teacher.

When container technology was first launched in 2016, it coincided with the company's rising business needs, and we needed to choose one of the expansion of personnel and technology upgrade. Considering the cost and risk of expanding the team, I made the decision to embrace Docker. Inevitably, a lot of problems, big and small, appeared initially, but in the end it was successful. Even though some risks are uncontrollable, my decisions are often rash and bold, but fortunately the results always demonstrate the accuracy of intuition.

Embracing Docker is the most painful year since the start of the business. Containers often have problems, causing many accidents and directly causing the company s sales to bear a lot of pressure from customers. Once the container collapsed at more than 9 pm and was completely unusable. This would cause more than 100 media clients to be unable to issue articles the next day. The consequences were quite serious. This industry scandal was enough to subvert the company. At that time, I was driving on the highway, immediately stopped to the service area, Dingding contacted Alibaba Cloud engineering team to solve. From 9 o'clock in the evening to early in the morning, people have been entering the group to deal with it in the end, and ultimately did not have a bad impact. It was also this accident that gave me stronger confidence in the Alibaba Cloud technical team and the determination to persevere. I realize that although the product still has flaws, we have chosen the right direction, but it is not mature enough, and the dawn will not be further away.

Later, we spent a lot of time learning, optimizing, and iterating, which is considered to have passed this threshold. Now we have achieved all containerization, including business, services, websites, systems, and so on. Fortunately, we finally persevered. The number of customers we serve in 2020 is seven times that of 2016, but the number of staff has increased by less than 10. If we do not embrace new technologies, we need to expand at least 70-80 people. And the development speed has also been significantly improved, it can be said to be a textbook-style example of cost reduction and efficiency increase.


Optimal solution for career and life

As a veteran user who has used 40+ products, my relationship with Alibaba Cloud can be considered the same. When the container crisis was resolved on the highway, it was too late to submit work orders and the engineers of the product could only be found to help directly. The team of engineers of Alibaba Cloud dutifully rushed to the front of the problem. I think that as an Alibaba Cloud MVP, sometimes you need to understand Alibaba Cloud better than Alibaba Cloud, so I usually participate in product feedback and other activities, focusing on in-depth communication with the product owner and comparing my hearts.

I once found a small tool to manage the configuration. After using it carefully for 3 days, I made a lot of suggestions for the product. There were only 3 people on that team, and they communicated with me through Dingding. I also drew a prototype picture to them. In about a week, they iterated through all the problems I found and also adopted the suggestions I made. In fact, this is very unexpected. Originally I just wanted to be able to make some contribution within my ability. I did not expect to complete the product creation and co-construction with the Alibaba Cloud team as an outsider, which is very meaningful to me.

In 2018, I participated in the "Xuan Zang Trip" organized by Ali's small partners with several other MVPs. It was a journey of dual experience of soul and body, which everyone could not forget. Walking 100 kilometers in the vast Gobi, there are too many episodes to remember. One day I went out at 5 in the morning. I forgot to bring the whole day's dry food. My friends gave me a beef jerky, an apple, and a biscuit. I walked all the way to the camp with everyone's relief.

There was one other thing that deeply shocked me. When I returned to the camp after a day of hiking, everyone was so tired that I just wanted Beijing paralyzed. At this time, a little friend of Ali ran out again to find a hillside, climbed to the top of the hill just to have a signal to participate in a nail meeting, and returned to the camp excitedly that the problem was solved. This may be a difference in thinking patterns. Some people think that there is no good signal, and everyone can t find me, so they don t have to think about work. And they will feel fortunate to have the signal that I can complete this job and create some value for the client. At that moment, I seemed to see the light on the Ali people, which brought a lot of impact. Afterwards, in team management, I often tell this story.

Starting from scratch, entrepreneurs have a continuous entrepreneurial spirit

When I joined Lotus Software as an entrepreneurial partner, I started thinking about more possibilities after the company was running with a lot of noise. The ceiling of the traditional industry is low. I don t think I will have a qualitative leap here in the next three years. I am not satisfied with the status quo, so I want to transform and do a new business. It just happened that Ginkgo Valley Investment needed a person who knew the technology to make big data judgments, so it was a hit. Lotus Software also wanted me to stay, and finally decided to keep the shares, pay the salary, and attend important meetings, which is equivalent to absorbing more nutrients for the new company.

This change is actually traceable. As a CTO, we must not only specialize in technology selection, but also need to focus on the overall situation of the enterprise, thinking about how to quickly achieve higher business value, and how to use technology prospects and business models to subtly reciprocate. More need to find a way to balance, balance technology input-output ratio, balance technology value and R&D difficulty, balance efficiency and stability, etc. Every partner decision will have an impact on the company, so it must be responsible to the company and seek the optimal solution among all options.

After I entered the investment bank, because I had no experience in finance and finance, I grew almost entirely from scratch. This time I also encountered great difficulties in the transition. First of all, the thinking mode of the technical staff is a clear idea from the starting point to the end point, and the investor is to determine the result and then sort out the path. From the end point to the starting point, the choice and judgment are difficult for me to adapt to at first. Secondly, working without a financial background is particularly difficult. Learning financial news and studying corporate annual reports is no less difficult than taking a course. Third, as a CTO, the decision is always based on technology and supplemented by business, while investors are the opposite. The subversive nature of all kinds of thoughts and cognitions was beyond my imagination at first.

After continuous learning and consultation, my investor career finally got on track, and the whole person has undergone a tremendous change from the inside out. After being familiar with the capital operation process, I have a clearer understanding of the industry's attention and business model, and understand how to find the most suitable investment for the company. The amount of knowledge and information of passive learning has increased exponentially, and self-worth has also completed a new leap. I also have a deeper understanding of how to start a business better. The advice to my friends is well-founded and valuable for entrepreneurs. Maybe it will start a business again later, after all, every entrepreneur has a continuous entrepreneurial heart.

Talking about the reason for being trusted, Qi Jun ridiculed, "Because of his weight, he is honest." But we all know that this Alibaba Cloud MVP dares to be extraordinary courage for the world, and sincere empathy with people. Wings that helped him succeed.


I want to become Alibaba Cloud MVP

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