Entering the Apache incubator for 7 months, APISIX releases the 6th Apache Release!

Posted May 26, 20201 min read

Apache APISIX is a cloud-native API gateway that can not only help you handle traditional north-south traffic, but also handle east-west traffic between services. It is based on Nginx and etcd. Compared with Nginx and traditional API gateways, Apache APISIX has the characteristics of dynamic routing, dynamic upstream and plug-in hot loading.

The 1.3 version released this time is mainly a security update, rejecting invalid headers and encoding uri securely.

This is the 6th Apache Release released by the 6th release manager after APISIX entered the Apache incubator in October last year.

The Apache APISIX community is growing rapidly, from more than 20 contributors at the beginning of joining the Apache incubator, to more than 70 contributors, including 20 PPMC and 22 committers.

Join Apache APISIX

If you want to use a web server that does not require any restart to modify any configuration, if you want to use a microservice gateway with simple code and cloud-native friendliness, then Apache APISIX is your only choice.

You can join the Apache APISIX QQ exchange group with more than a thousand people:552030619, or you can submit an issue and PR on GitHub: https://github.com/apache/inc... . Let us work together to build a world-class open source project!

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