In response to the Google + Android blockade, Huawei ’s self-developed search engine petal search

Posted May 26, 20202 min read


Technical Editor:Zong En 丨 SiFou Office
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After the Hongmeng system, HMS and App Gallery, Huawei has another solution to replace Android + Google. It is Huawei's self-developed search engine service Petal Search.

There is no doubt that Huawei is struggling in foreign markets, and the Google service application has launched a "full blockade" against Huawei. Fortunately, Huawei has strong R & D capabilities. Huawei launched HMS Core 4.0 in January this year; Huawei launched the AppGallery app store in February; launched two search applications, Search and AppSearch in March; and launched HERE WeGo map and navigation solutions in April. Counting this petal search, the entire ecosystem of Huawei phones has basically taken shape.

However, petal search is not yet available in China. After all, for ordinary users, Baidu and Sogou are more familiar choices.

Petal introduction

It is reported that this petal search engine is jointly developed by Huawei and Qwant, one of France's largest search engine companies, and is compatible with mobile phones equipped with HMS services, including P40 series, Mate30 series and Mate X.

Petal search is currently mainly for mobile services, especially Huawei mobile phones, which can provide instant search, quick browsing gadgets, news streaming, live sports scores, picture/music/video search, hotel booking/local life and other services.

In addition, the search engine will also provide some additional functions, such as searching millions of hotels worldwide and booking rooms, querying flight and travel information of global destinations, and querying local services and businesses through a comprehensive directory.

Several service sectors of petal search:

  • Application recommendation and search
  • Weather forecast and news
  • Live sports scores and schedule
  • Video, picture and music search
  • Financial news and stock market updates
  • safety protection

Existing problems

When using Petal Search to find applications such as Instagram or Facebook, an installation option will appear in the search results. If AppGallery supports downloading searched applications, users can click download. However, currently AppGallery has a limited range of applications, and it is still not possible to install Facebook, Instagram and other popular US application services.

If you want to download these popular software, you need to jump to other third-party web application store to download. This type of installation through a third-party server(such as APKMirror) has obvious security issues.