Green Cube® Hyper-Converged Express Edition New Upgrade Cloud New Infrastructure Fully Empowers Enterprises to Cloud

Posted May 25, 20204 min read

The Green Cube® Hyper-Converged Express Edition has accumulated many industry practices and technological innovations, and continues to adhere to the design concept of "starting with simplicity", once again complete a comprehensive upgrade. This upgrade covers the five highlights of system platform function enhancement, graphical management interface upgrade, new fusion desktop and management platform, the launch of QingCare + professional services, and the upgrade of the easy-to-use hyper-converged all-in-one machine. Infrastructure will enable enterprises to go to the cloud more comprehensively.

Since the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on March 4 this year proposed to "accelerate the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G networks and data centers," the "new infrastructure" has once again triggered a wave of industry attention.

The "White Paper on the Development and Application of China's Cloud Computing Industry" issued by the State Council also pointed out that the cloud computing industry is of vital importance as the core infrastructure for enterprises' digital transformation. This shows that driven by the new infrastructure, the cloud computing industry will usher in a broader application prospect and enter the fast lane of rapid growth.

Green Cube® Super Fusion Easy Edition is an important product of the Green Cube® Super Fusion series. With the design concept of "simple, ready for integration", it is an entry-level Pratt & Whitney hyper-converged product for small and medium-sized business enterprises to reduce enterprises Threshold on the cloud.

Green Cube® Hyper-Converged Express Edition takes the industry-leading software-defined technology as the core and adopts an integrated platform of deep integration of computing, storage, and network to meet the digital transformation of enterprises. For IT infrastructure, high performance, high reliability, scalability, and simplicity Ease-of-use requirements enable faster business response, greater flexibility, and lower operating costs.

In June 2017, the Green Cube® Hyper-Converged Express Edition version 1.0 was officially released. Based on the Hyper-Converged 3.0 architecture, the software-defined data center was built in one stop. In 2019, GreenCube® Hyper-Converged Express Edition 2.0 was released. Iterating on the original basis, the overall interactive interface and functions were completely restructured to create a cloud-ready environment that starts from simplicity.

In this new release, more than 30 functions have been optimized and updated. As a new generation of cloud infrastructure, the newly upgraded QingCube® Hyper-Converged Express Edition will enable cloud-network integration, thus facing more customer scenarios. This upgrade mainly involves five major aspects, as follows:

System platform function enhancement:The virtual host adds multiple practical functions; at the operation and maintenance level, through the intelligent robot community, it realizes new functions such as resource load scheduling, node allocation, and self-operation and maintenance of various components and services; provides V2V migration tools, The migration of virtual resources will not affect the operation of the original platform business;

Graphic management interface upgrade:New common user graphical management interface and English graphical management interface are added to distinguish user groups, the interface is more concise, and the threshold for use is further reduced, and the English graphical management interface is more helpful for overseas users to familiarize with and use the Easy Edition ;

Converged desktop and management platform released:Implement multiple desktop environments in a hyper-converged environment, and support the convenient deployment of QingCloud self-developed desktops(free authorization) and Citrix desktops(requires authorization) to achieve the switching and unification of multiple desktop environments Management to provide better TCO combination for various desktop scenarios;

Launched QingCare + professional services:7 \ * 24-hour professional support services, including product deployment and daily operation and maintenance technical support, etc. There are two modes of work order and remote support;

Upgrade the easy-to-use hyper-converged all-in-one machine:The easy-to-use hyper-converged all-in-one machine CPU is upgraded to the new second-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor, which brings significant improvements in computing performance and machine learning performance.

In the nearly three years since its official launch, the Green Cube® Hyper-Converged Express Edition now has numerous landing cases and has been unanimously recognized by customers.

Ciming Medical Examination Medical Imaging Cloud, Western Mining Group-Branch Cloud, Tianyou Children's Hospital Medical Union Hybrid Cloud, and Lunda Light Industry Efficient Office Cloud are all typical examples of Qingcube® Hyper-Converged Express Edition.

In addition, Green Cube® Hyper-Converged Express Edition also helps many small and medium-sized enterprises start from scratch and start from simple, quickly build cloud infrastructure and build a digital business platform.

In the future, QingCube® Hyper-Converged Express Edition will continue to provide enterprises with efficient, reliable, easy-to-use, minimal O & M, and lower-cost cloud services, with the ability of a new generation of cloud infrastructure to meet the wave of new infrastructure and create low-cost Technology threshold, fast launch of the cloud new infrastructure Pratt & Whitney hyper-converged products.

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