The reason why Laotian, who has 21 years of compilation experience, left Facebook is actually. . .

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I will never forget how I met Laotian in my life
In 2011, I recommended him a development post
But on the day of the interview, he ran the wrong floor and talked with other companies.
Finally, he even communicated with HR for a salary
I don't want to miss this man with a skeleton
So I met for a meeting

After that, we almost kept in touch online
Occasional reunion
In 9 years
I watched him go to the UK to open his own studio after leaving
Then joined Facebook for 2 years and left
Start to run your own company

Actually, it was not easy in his early years
I just graduated from college because of college education
So much that I once wanted to put down my computer to sell bottled water
Fortunately no one bought his water
Otherwise, there will be no good story in this world

Computer entry & connection assembly language
Mai:How did you learn assembly language all the way from computer introduction?
Laotian:In my early years, my feeling for computers was to play games and type
And learning FoxBase is my first contact with the database
It feels fun and curious
Why go down one command line
Hundreds of data records came out
Is this programming

After learning loops and functions, I gradually felt
But it was just for the exam
There is no interest at all.
Until I was amazed by the snow animation written by a classmate in C
I started to contact C
After I knocked this classmate out the example code behind my "TuboC Practical Encyclopedia"
I think it's what I like
I was 17 years old that year
The first grade of technical secondary school

After learning C, I found that my understanding of loops and functions became clearer.
Just when I think C is not fresh
By chance I saw another classmate reading a book about assembly language
So I asked him what is assembly language
What he said was vague
Just lent me the book

After the book went back and turned a few pages
Register & Segmented Storage & Data Definition
Why is it completely different from C
Two or three days later, I returned the book to him

But he suggested that I take a good look
Speak all computer languages to be translated into assembly language and machine language
I was persuaded by him
So I bought that book back
The content in the back of the whole paragraph
Although I don t understand
But when I saw the icon in the back of the book explaining the cycle
I started to realize
Later, when coding with C
Found that single-step debugging suddenly turned into assembly language afterwards
I can understand

Waiting for graduation in 2004
I have learned the compilation for 5 years
In later work
I found that many colleagues are very disgusted with compilation
Very headache
Some people go to write C#, Java
And me at the time
I feel like I've learned Du Gu Jiu Jian
Seems pretty good
Then this write
Just 20 years

Domestic experience and thinking about the future
Mai:What's the special impact of this experience that you have been working at a treasure for the longest time before going abroad?
Laotian:Technology has not learned much
On the contrary, I learned a lot of skills to cope with work and dump pot(laughs)
But I heard a lot about resource integration
Leaders can draw people from different departments to do projects
After finishing, you can use the results to invite credit
Although I didn t understand
But this experience has helped me to start a business
Of course this is the latter thing

Actually during that time I have started thinking about two things
One is the sustainable development of programmers
I was in my twenties that year
Have discussed the future career development with many older programmers around
Everyone agrees that programmers are young people
There are even some older programmers who go out for job applications and are often rejected
Many HR will also feel that after you 30, you have a family and children
Not much time is left for the company
So I started to worry about the impact of age on me

The other is the status of the programmer
At that time, I earned more than 10,000
But the income from management and sales is much better than ours
Leaders also pay more attention to marketing and sales
After the project is delivered
Just sell it
This makes me feel that in an internet company
Programmers are a bit marginalized
Low status

Originally, I also felt that I could mix up when I was young
I'll talk about things later
But something happened later changed my opinion
I got the idea of going abroad

One is the learning atmosphere of usual work
I will often ask questions from people around me
But some people understand it but they don t tell me
And some people understand but have no time to tell me
So at the beginning I could only add some QQ groups to find someone to help

I remember once I encountered a problem
A friend in the group asked me to give him 500
He gave me the code examples and asked me to pay
But some people give invalid solutions
And when I go to question each other
They will use the phrase "This is just a design idea"
more than this
After paying the money, the other party blacked me

At the time, I thought this might not be a long-term solution
But my english is ok
So I found a way to meet some programmers through some foreign forums
After a long contact, I found that it is completely different from the domestic experience.
For example, I asked a question in the forum
Some friends who have encountered similar problems will directly tell me the plan
Some people are willing to study with me even if they don t understand
Make me think this atmosphere is so good
Although regardless of whether at home or abroad
Ask some "low-level" questions in the forum
Will be ridiculed
But in terms of proportion
Programmers abroad
More people willing to share with you and spend time
It's like a bomb
Let me start thinking about why the contrast between the learning atmosphere at home and abroad is so great

This is one
Second, I have to start with the software itself

For example, make a product in China
R&D and testing required to be completed within 2 months
And products with the same function
It may take 5 months abroad
When we experience foreign products
Found good quality and few bugs
Although the functions of the products we made are similar
But many bugs
I feel that I did it to catch up with work
But the leader feels that 2 months is enough
They will comfort us
Although the company also wants to create quality products
But the market does not wait

So I started thinking about a problem
Although some foreign product development takes a long time
But because the quality is really excellent after production
Can attract many users at once
Domestically, because of the excessive pursuit of speed, the quality defects of the product itself are too large
Sometimes it s hard to attract users
What exactly caused this difference

Finally, the user's payment habits
For example, products of the same function need to be paid abroad
But domestic users will find ways to use free
So this makes some products difficult to promote in China
But it s relatively easy to do abroad
Take the game
Foreign users get a game
Will look at quality first
Then decide whether to pay
If you don t think it s fun to play for a few months, then change it
For the major game producers, everyone has a chance
Competition is relatively benign
But there may be some domestic giants
Even if the company tried hard to make a product
Maybe the next day the giant cottage
So I started thinking again
Is it because of different business environments that cause different consumption habits of users

So when I called my grandfather who was far away in the UK,
I revealed to him the idea of going abroad
He also suggested that I go out and take a look while I am young
And hope I can own my own business
With his encouragement and help
I went to uk

First work experience in UK & Facebook
Mai:Haven't you been working and living in China all the time?
How to solve the language problem
How did you gain a foothold just now?
Laotian:When I was in junior high school, my grades were average
Only an English teacher is very good to me
Always encourage me
In order to repay her, I spent the most time on English study
Also won the provincial speech contest ranking
So I'm okay
And when I call my grandfather
We also communicate in English
So although I didn t go abroad
I always use English

Grandpa provided great help to the start of my career
He helped me get a work visa and rented me a small house
So I found several programmers to form a team
At the time, we had four business lines
Article 1 Connect with software outsourcing projects of foreign companies
The second line is to do business security
A product we are going to make
Document transparent encryption and decryption
Can prevent employees from stealing documents from the company
But the product was still immature at the time
So there is no way to sell
Third line
Is to do penetration testing
Anti-hacking and anti-trojan
Last line
Is to do game cracking
Like the reverse of Ios and Android
So we basically rely on three lines to maintain the survival of this small team

Mai:But you have been writing code
Where did you learn the knowledge about operating companies?
And it sounds like my career has just started
Why go to Facebook?
I used to do technology sharing at the technology conference of hundreds of people
Dare to say
And when I just graduated, I lived with several classmates in sales and marketing
When you eat together at night, everyone will discuss their work
For example, the sales classmates will bring the contract back to let everyone brainstorm together
I stayed in this environment for almost 3 years
I have learned a lot

I went to Facebook because of the pressure of survival
Although we have a lot of business lines
But the business volume is very small
To support this team, I have to go to work
But my education is not recognized in the UK
I have voted a lot of companies without news
Only the resumes voted for Facebook were first seen by technical leaders
So i have the chance

I still remember some of the interview process
The first side is to write the basic code of C++ with paper and pen.
The second side asks some Windows related technologies, the advantages and disadvantages of api functions, etc.
The third side asked about my project
For example, a windows driver development project
What technology did I use
Another example is in the process of doing software cracking
Take off some shells
What is the appearance of this shell in assembly language?
How did you get around
Generally smooth
It's just because of the education problem
After a week of internal communication, I was offered an offer

Mai:The moment I got the offer
Do you think that education is not so important in the face of absolute strength?
Laotian:To be honest, I was really lucky to be able to work on Facebook
If it was HR who just started reading resumes
I may not have this opportunity
After all, Europeans are relatively more conservative
They attach great importance to education
It might be better in Silicon Valley
The same company even in different countries and cultural environments
The requirements may also be different

But education issues have always troubled me
Not just when I graduated
Even now I go out to pick up some outsourcing projects
If the other party is a domestic state-owned enterprise
I can't take it at all
There are also some bank projects
Insufficient education will not allow on-site development

I thought about taking another undergraduate before
But I found a lot of people working with me around
Colleagues with higher education than me
They have a very shallow understanding of the program
The knowledge system is also vague
I'm even less interested in the principles
Think it works

This makes me think
The difference between people after work may not lie in that piece of paper
And now i'm older
You can also do something you like
After more choices
So I didn t think about education again.

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Mai:What is your work experience at Facebook? Why did you leave later?
Laotian:The work process and work pressure are similar to those in China
If a project is to be completed within one month in China
It may be one and a half months over there
But the working environment is more free

Although the company also has some slogans
Like "Focus on impact"
But I feel that the company is only advocating us to pursue this goal
Does not force everyone to do what
Overall makes me feel more natural
I stayed there for 2 years and 7 months
Technology has indeed improved
The whole work experience is also very good
When you encounter problems
Colleagues will give you the code directly
There are more enthusiastic colleagues
Will come to you directly at your station
This communication process helped me a lot

The reason for leaving is also very simple
Work is too busy to give too much energy to your company

Mai:How did you survive the hardest time of starting a business?
Our software products are not formed
Outsourcing projects also make less money
Had a hard time
But fortunately the team is stable
I feel like I can see the future

This state continued until the document was transparent + decrypted after the product came out.
Later, the demand for penetration testing and anti-hacking projects increased
Probably because the security awareness of the company has increased
In short
Time is up

But these years
In general, I still feel that the project is not easy to access
On the one hand, the British software industry is not particularly developed
on the other hand
Europeans have a sense of superiority
They don t really like dealing with yellow people
And Europe is small
Every country has a local business protection policy
For example, the products you make in the UK
It may be difficult to open the market with Spain and Italy
So we can only do a few countries

Mai:I have seen many programmers have this idea:
Return to the second line after working in the first line for a few years
Or hometown
Find a good job
Then take some outsourcing for a living
Listening to you saying this today, I don t think reality is optimistic
Laotian:I had a similar idea when I graduated
At that time I had my own house in Fuzhou
No monthly confession
I just wanted to wait until I was 30 years old
Just find a company to work and find outsourcing
One hundred thousand in a year is enough
Until I contacted programmers abroad
Especially after working with them after going abroad
When i see their working status
Their passion for life
Selfless sharing of knowledge
I started to reflect on my previous thoughts
Feel too negative

Mai:Many people are motivated to emigrate abroad
But I think your motivation is pure
I went abroad with many questions
How does a programmer like abroad work
Why our payment habits are so different
By now, do you think you have found the answer?
Laotian:To be honest, I am not very clear now
But after I went abroad, I found that I really liked working with programmers abroad.
Maybe people abroad are more direct?
And these mutual help at work
I guess it may also be because the work intensity of foreign programmers is not so great
Have your own private time to help you answer questions
If they also engage in 996
I think they have a hard time squeezing out time

As for payment habits
On the one hand, it may come from differences in consumption habits
Foreign users value brand
Willing to pay for high-quality products
On the other hand or because of the different business environment
Many domestic companies are used to pushing products by grabbing the market
Retain you first with free products
Then slowly "cultivate" everyone's payment habits
And foreign companies are willing to spend more time polishing products to ensure quality
But these views are only based on my current experience
I am still on my way to start a business
Maybe after a while I will have a new understanding

Mai:Are you satisfied with your current state of ambition?
Laotian:quite satisfied
There are also ambitions
It s just that there are not many projects affected by the epidemic.
And my pure software products are only promoted abroad
It is difficult to grow in China for various reasons
Wait for the opportunity

I asked him before leaving
Can I call him Laotian in this interview
He smiled at me
Everyone used to call him Oda
Why did Laotian suddenly

I didn't say anything
I just think he has come down these years
Have enjoyed a life full of life
I think he should be able to meet the "old field"