Microsoft is accused of plagiarizing others' open source works! The author was forced to terminate the project

Posted May 28, 20203 min read

Recently, at the Microsoft Build 2020 Global Developers Conference, Microsoft released a new product, Windows Package Manager(winget)-Windows package manager. But shortly after the conference ended, the Internet circulated a complaint against Microsoft by an open source author. It can also be said that he was being fooled.

The main thing is as follows:

On May 20th, Beijing time, at the Build 2020 Global Developers Conference, Microsoft released a new Windows Package Manager(winget)-Windows package manager.

For example, you can start the Windows Package Manager and run the new "winget" command to get the latest version of any application you want to install.

You just need to run

winget installPowerToys

You can install it without visiting Github, a third-party website, or the Microsoft Store.

According to the understanding of the migrant workers, AppGet is an open source project released by Keivan Beigi in 2018. It can install and update software in Windows, including more than 1400 software packages.

GitHub address:

The thing between Keivan Beigi and Microsoft is probably like this:

The Microsoft team discovered the author's open source project AppGet in July 2019, and Microsoft also sent an email expressing its desire to communicate with the author and discuss the planning and development issues after this source.

In August 2019, the author received an email from Microsoft again. The email stated that he hoped that the author would join Microsoft to develop the AppGet project together.

Later, due to some of the author's concerns(worry that the focus of Microsoft's entry is not on this open source project), it has been coming and going with Microsoft Mail for half a year. After that, he has never received relevant emails about his employment with Microsoft.

Before the conference opened, the author suddenly received an email saying that Microsoft is also developing a package manager that has the same function as AppGet, and hopes the author to give suggestions.

In this way, at the Build 2020 conference the next day, Microsoft released his own package manager WinGet, Keivan Beigi found that most of WinGet's ideas are highly similar to AppGet. Keivan Beigi believes that Microsoft plagiarized his project.

Keivan Beigi also said that the original development of this project was not to make a fortune, but now, the work is plagiarized, it is helpless. But no matter how hard they try, they are always unable to match the speed of development and promotion of such a big manufacturer as Microsoft, so they have to terminate the maintenance of this open source project.

It's a pity that the two-year open source project was forced to terminate maintenance! ! !

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