[Ai Kesheng Open Class] How to deal with the expansion of MySQL hash sharding that is a headache for everyone?

Posted May 28, 20203 min read

Everyone wait a long time!

The second online public class of Aikesheng is coming! What we want to share with you this time is the MySQL hash sharding expansion that makes people "shocked" when they hear it! ! !


Aikesheng will be officially broadcast on June 2! ** Ai Kesheng Open Class How to deal with the expansion of MySQL hash sharding which is a headache for everyone?** At that time, we will bring you how to easily, stably and efficiently manage MySQL sharding expansion, focusing on the four directions of capacity expansion, operation and maintenance, architecture and planning, and deeply analyze the performance of complex query in DBLE The functions of tuning, shard expansion, high-availability linkage, and monitoring alarm provide efficient and convenient implementation solutions. The interactive session will also share super classic industry cases.




Speaker title:

Director of Technical Solutions of ECOSON, MySQL Certified Expert

Introduction of Speaker:

Has many years of experience in data storage, cloud computing system operation and maintenance and technical support, excellent in MySQL database high-availability architecture design and database self-service overall planning and design, has provided database implementation and construction solutions for many banking and insurance users .

Live Agenda:

  • Introduction to DBLE:In what scenarios is the MySQL sharding solution suitable?
  • Features of DBLE Enterprise Edition-Capacity Expansion:Must Hash sharding be imported and exported in full?
  • What other features does DBLE Enterprise Edition have?
  • After class interaction, case analysis of classic industries.

ways of registration:

Recognize the QR code in the picture to register.


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June 2, come to the live streaming class of ECCO to learn more about enterprise database solutions!


  1. Please pay attention to Actionsky-zhushou ** before the class starts. The small assistant will remind you in advance and send a live link to avoid missing the sharing meeting;

  2. After the sharing session, the video playback will be posted on the official official account of the Aisheng cloud database. If you are unable to participate in this sharing session, you can pay attention in advance.

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