In the future, what kind of product managers are irreplaceable?

Posted Jun 16, 20206 min read

In the Internet team, each position has a unique and irreplaceable ability. The programmer's ability is "code realization", and the idea is "implemented" into a function that can be used; the test engineer's ability is "online quality" to ensure that the user is smooth and safe during use; the designer's ability It is "visual aesthetics" to create a good environment for users.

But what are the irreplaceable capabilities of product managers compared to other positions?

Prototype diagrams, requirements documents, flow charts and even requirements analysis, data analysis, etc., are skills used to solve a certain problem, but we have done or will do one thing, but it is not enough to be able to represent our identity. Ability.

Therefore, there is such a confusion. We do not know what irreplaceable capabilities the product manager has for the team, nor do we know that the product manager has any special value for the team. of.

In the absence of guides, many product people will hover at the door for one year, two years, three years or even longer, without encountering some special opportunities, and gradually become a functional product manager.

In fact, "influencing user behavior" is our irreplaceable ability.

We know that the user's behavior is composed of three factors:environmental factors, the user's perception and the user's psychological judgment. Changing the environmental factors can affect the user's perception and the user's psychological judgment, which means that the user's behavior can be Affected.

In a sense, the user's behavior is "controllable" within a certain range.

Remember, what are the problems we need to solve in our work?

-Users are added slowly, how to design a set of fission functions to allow users to share more?

-The daily life is too low, how to improve the daily life

-User retention period is too short, how to extend user retention?

-Order conversion is too low, how to stimulate users to place orders?

Behind these problems is "how to affect user behavior."

Each element of the product presented on the page, the way these elements are presented, and the location of the presentation, each state in the business process, and even each judgment condition in the event are all imposed by us to affect user behavior envirnmental factor.

This means that during the time when the user uses the product, he is in a specific environment constructed by the product manager for the user, and is in a transient state that can be affected by the product manager. The upcoming behavior of the user will be completely affected by the product. The environmental factors influenced by the manager s structure.

Whether we can seize the limited opportunity to successfully influence the user and successfully influence the user's behavior is the ability of the product manager, and also our value to the team and to the boss.

Try to think about a problem. You fancy a ceramic cup, but there are two merchants are selling, the only difference is this month's sales figures, will you choose to buy the left, or buy the right?


Commodity sales are also an attribute of commodities. On the surface, the left and right pictures are two identical contents, but they are not the same, and they are very different.

The meaning in the picture on the left is that the ceramic cup has been purchased 10,000 times this month. It may be a best-selling model, and it is also a net red cup. The meaning in the picture on the right is a cup with very ordinary sales.

The larger the number, the greater the impact on user behavior.

"Sales" is a parameter that can affect user behavior. For consumers, the higher the sales, the more people are recognized and the more guaranteed, which is both a sense of security and a herd mentality.

Also because this parameter can affect user behavior, a gray industry billing order has been born. There are many studios and small teams that provide e-commerce sellers with the service of billing, generating real order data, but not corresponding transactions. behavior.

More and more valuable product managers

The Internet environment has entered the "development" stage from the "land reclamation" stage. Originally, only one team was exploring in a market. Now, not only the market, but even a certain entry point in the market, multiple teams are advancing at the same time.

From the time of project initiation, we have joined the competition. Here there are pioneers in the same industry, later in the industry, cross-domain competition in related industries, as well as competition for dimensionality reduction by big manufacturers and big brands.

To put it simply, any entrepreneurial project has no less than three competitors, and with the development of the project, the market is gradually educated, and more and more competitors will be. When we enter the B round, the market Perhaps more than 10 teams are doing the same thing as us.

This means that modern Internet companies have lost the advantage of "uniqueness" and are no longer a "monopoly" development. For users, demand still exists, but the way to meet demand is no longer a single, but There are many options.


Users have a demand, but there are many options for products that can meet this demand. It is not necessary to use the products we provide, but other products can also be used.

Many Internet products are caught in a dilemma:they discover the needs of users and provide a great solution, that is, no users use them, and some competing products provide even worse solutions, but instead gain a large number of users.

Similarly, there are also many Internet products that have clearly recognized the characteristics of the modern Internet and consciously affect users. On the basis of the core business, a lot of peripheral services have been added. The purpose of these services is to affect user behavior.

If the number of potential users for core business needs is 1,000, the actual number of users who use the product is about 100. The product manager affects the user's behavior in some way, and the number of users that can be reached may exceed 10,000.

With the ability of products to influence user behavior, not only can 100%cover potential users, but also broaden the range of potential users.


There are many ways that can affect user behavior. We can affect the user s sharing behavior, let the user share more times, share more frequently, and also affect the user s word-of-mouth communication behavior, so that the product name or content often appears in In real communication, even distribution capabilities can be launched, which can affect users' active promotion.

The product manager itself is an amplifier, amplifying, amplifying, and then amplifying the effect of the original demand.

This increase can not only affect our own mining needs, but also increase the needs of other people, it can be the needs of the old, can be the needs of the operation, it can be the demands of any role in the team.

This is why the product manager is so important in the team, because we can influence user behavior, affect the final result, can magnify the result, or shrink the result, so that everyone in the team can find the needs. Play greater value.

Sometimes, only need a good product manager, and give him the corresponding authority and corresponding resources, can change a bad result.

Think carefully, change a result, and maximize the value of fulfilling demand. Isn't it the original starting point of all our work?


Product managers do not use "implementation" as an irreplaceable ability. They simply transform requirements into product solutions, and do not have the ability to influence user behavior or the implementation of user behavior. It is easy to appear after the product goes online and no one uses it. Situation.

This is also applicable to B-end product managers. When providing cost-reducing and efficiency-increasing services to enterprise customers, it is also giving users new behaviors or changing old behaviors of users. Only users follow our expectations. In order to achieve the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency only by producing specified actions.

Only with the ability to influence user behavior can we influence the results and become irreplaceable product managers with core values.

Before we discuss how to affect user behavior, there are some basic principles that you need to understand and remember.

I hope you can understand that as a product manager, this is our bottom line.

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