From Record-and-Replay to Record-and-Dragon to solve maintainability and Replay

Posted Jun 16, 20201 min read


It is a form of automated testing that has existed for many years. Its biggest benefit is speed, but its maintainability and Replay have always been criticized. For example, a 500-step test script cannot be understood at all, and in many cases, Replay cannot be run directly. The dragon test model driver has always had a good algorithm gene, and can also support a variety of complex scenes, but drawing a flowchart is always the most time-consuming step.


That is, after recording the user operation flow, after importing the dragon test platform, the element set, data set, and corresponding flowchart can be generated. For the flowchart, the user can cut into multiple module flowcharts, and then automatically compose a building block diagram.

The combination of the two advantages, the fast + algorithm, makes the dragon test platform have a leap in ease of use. Here is a video for everyone to enjoy:

Dragon Test:Record-and-Dragon

Note that if you continuously record-import multiple times, you will find that the amount of work required to modify the recording flowchart will be getting lower and lower. This also applies to one of the pain points that software has been iterating repeatedly for testing and maintenance.


Happy Testing!