vscode: Importance of restarting IDE after npm update package

Posted May 27, 20201 min read

The IDE I use is vscode, because vscode has a very powerful third-party plug-in library, which is also lightweight, but every time you install or update the third-party plug-in library, you must restart the IDE, otherwise it will not take effect.
A third-party plug-in was referenced during project development, which caused the packaging to fail because the plug-in was not compatible with the es6 syntax. So I told the big guy who wrote this plug-in, after the big brother modified the package and uploaded npm, I I updated this package. After the update, I found that the packaging still reported an error. It was very strange. After asking this big helper, I suddenly realized that I had to restart vscode. Sure enough, the error report before the restart was solved ... Restart Dafa Real Cow force.
ps:because the packaging plugin I use is uglifyjs-webpack-plugin. Although it is very convenient, it can only be packaged with es5. If the es6 syntax used by third-party plugins is not processed, it will cause packaging failure. Please consider carefully when building the project, this packaged plugin will limit your references to third-party libraries ...