What changes will the application of VR technical solutions bring in the medical field?

Posted May 25, 20202 min read

VR technology is also called virtual reality technology. From the literal meaning, we can know that the benefit of VR technology is to make people's experience more real, not only limited to sight and hearing, even tactile multi-dimensional, can better see the actual Effect. For example, in the face of some diseases, doctors need to make plans in advance, but the actual effect will be difficult to predict, but the use of VR technology can more intuitively simulate the actual situation and make plans for various possibilities. Doctors can move organs in the human body to find the best surgical plan and improve proficiency. After many simulations, you can face the actual situation more easily in practice and improve the success rate of surgery.

Application of VR technology in medicine

Not only for doctors, but also for those who are interested in the medical field and the industry, there are many benefits. Students of the medical school can experience the various courses taught by the teacher more realistically, and can practice many times for those who need practical exercises. For example, in the past, nurses may need to prick needles with their own hands or classmates to practice injection skills, but now they can practice more through VR virtual reality. Through the use of this virtual reality technology, horns, herbal medicine identification, acupuncture point learning and acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine will also have better results.

Application of VR technology in medicine

The development of VR hardware equipment is now more advanced. With the acceleration of the civilianization of 5G, there are a lot of opportunities in the field of VR content in the future. Store the content in the cloud, and render and distribute in the cloud, which can reduce the performance requirements of VR hardware equipment. At the same time, because the content is in the cloud, the cloud server has a higher utilization rate and the cost will be lower, so how can we ensure that the cloud What about good data interaction between VR users and hardware? The point cloud VR system solution can be achieved by automatically measuring the server resources with the fastest speed and the smallest load, and increasing or decreasing the server resources according to the number of users at any time. While ensuring the actual use effect, it can ensure that the operating cost is as low as possible.

The point cloud VR system solution can realize the efficient use of educational resources and servers, including software, hardware, and efficient scheduling. It is not only suitable for the medical field, but also other things such as VR games and VR movies.