linuxmint remotely access the intranet machine through the intranet virtual private network

Posted Jun 29, 20202 min read


This article demonstrates how to remotely connect a target machine in the company's intranet from linuxmint through the company's intranet virtual private network server.

Virtual private network is the sensitive word that will be blocked. . . The three letters of WQO move forward one bit each. . .

Add pptp network connection

First of all, we need to add a PPTP(point-to-point tunneling protocol) in the network connection management that comes with linuxmint. Proceed as follows:

  1. Add a new network connection and select Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol(PPTP):


  1. Fill in Name, Gateway, Username and Password respectively:


The name is defined by yourself. The gateway is filled in the IP address of the company's intranet virtual private network. The user name is the user account that the company is allowed to access, usually a domain account, .

The password cannot be filled in directly, please click the question mark to the right of the password, it will let you choose the password strategy:

  1. Only store password for this user
  2. Store all user passwords
  3. Ask for this password every time(default policy)
  4. No password required

Usually we select the first one and then enter the password.

  1. Click Advanced...


For authentication, select MSCHAPv2, and select Use Point-to-Point Encryption(MPPE)(P) for security and compression

Note that the policy choices for authentication and security are not fixed, and access to different intranet virtual private networks requires different policy combinations. This combination is needed to access the company's intranet virtual private network. If you are always unable to connect, you may need to adjust the strategy here, try more.

  1. Connect to the intranet virtual private network. After the above operations are completed, open the connection on the network management interface:


Display Connected, indicating that the intranet virtual private network connection is successful.

Add remote access to the target machine

Using the remote access tool Remmina, create a new RDP remote desktop as follows:


The name is defined by yourself, the protocol selects RDP, the server fills in the IP of the target machine, and the username/password/domain fills in the account that is allowed to access the target machine.

Pay attention to the resolution and color depth, because remotely accessing windows from linux, it is generally not possible to directly use the client resolution and the default color depth. Please try the right combination by yourself.

Software used in this article

In this article, two kinds of software are used under linuxmint:

  1. Network management:linuxmint comes with network management software(cinnamon-settings network)
  2. Remmina:Remmina needs to be installed, Remmina-plugin-rdp