This big data + AI Meetup, once arranged the current hot topic of big data

Posted May 30, 20205 min read

In recent years, with the efforts of the industry for many years and the continuous emergence of emerging technologies, the problem of huge data scale has been gradually solved, and the timeliness of data processing and the mining of data value are becoming new and huge challenges facing enterprises and developers. As a result, big data computing engines, AI, data warehouses, and data lakes have become undisputed hot topics.

  • The current big data computing engine has its own advantages, how to choose the one that suits you?
  • Data warehouse, data lake, HSAP architecture, what problems can they solve?
  • With so many machine learning platforms, what are the useful ones?


On June 14th, the first season of Big Data + AI Meetup series jointly organized by Alibaba Computing Platform Division and Alibaba Cloud Developer Community will be launched , 7 technical experts of NetEase Cloud Music, focusing on interpreting the current hot topic of big data!


Super luxury guest lineup!
Many senior technical experts share insights on industry trends online!

Extensive dry goods sharing!
Gather the hot topics of big data in one look:data processing, data warehouse, data lake, AI and other technical practices and production applications.

A variety of prizes get soft!
A lot of exquisite gifts have been prepared in the live broadcast room.
If you book a live broadcast and participate in the interaction, you will have the opportunity to pick it up.

You will learn about this Meetup:

  1. What's new in Spark 3.0
  2. From Lambda architecture to HSAP, what is the future trend of data warehouse
  3. Streamline batch machine learning algorithm platform Alink ease of use
  4. Practice of Flink + Kafka in NetEase Cloud Music
  5. How does the data lake solve the problem of real-time data storage
  6. In the Spring Festival Gala of 2020, the exclusive practice sharing of Kuaishou real-time link guarantee is shared
  7. In-depth interpretation of the latest version of Flink 1.11

How to watch:

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Guests and content

01 "In-depth study of the new features of Apache Spark 3.0"

Li Xiao | Head of R & D Department of Databricks Spark

Guest Profile:
Li Xiao, working at Databricks, director of Spark R & D department, leads the R & D team of Spark, Koalas, Databricks runtime, OEM. Member of Apache Spark Committer, PMC. He obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Florida in 2011. He used to work for IBM and was awarded the title of Master Inventor. He is an expert in the field of asynchronous database replication and consistency verification. He has published more than ten patents.(Github:gatorsmile)

02 "From Lambda architecture to HSAP, the evolution of real-time data warehouse"

Jiang Weihua(Guobei) | Alibaba Senior Technical Expert

Guest Profile:
Dr. Jiang Weihua, senior technical expert of Alibaba. He has worked in companies such as Intel and Vipshop for a long time. During his time at Intel, he created and was responsible for the Intel Big Data R & D team, created the Intel Big Data distribution, and maintained the number one domestic market share for many years. Leading Intel's big data open source, the team emerged with 10+ Apache Committer and created two Apache projects. Won the Intel Achievement Award and Intel China Award. During Vipshop, he was responsible for the big data platform and AI platform. Alibaba is now engaged in the research and development of a new generation of big data interactive analysis engine.

Yang Xu(Pin Number) | Alibaba Senior Algorithm Expert

Guest Profile:
Yang Xu(Pin Shu), Alibaba's senior algorithm expert, is in charge of the basic machine learning algorithm in Alibaba Cloud's machine learning platform PAI. He received a Ph.D. in mathematics from Nankai University in 2004; he was subsequently engaged in postdoctoral research at the School of Information, Nankai University; he joined Microsoft Research Asia in 2006 to conduct symbolic computing, large-scale matrix computing, and machine learning algorithms; Data-related statistics and machine learning algorithm research and development. In 2017, he led the team to develop Flink-based machine learning platform Alink, which is now open source. Published "Reconstructed Big Data Statistics", "Machine Learning Online:Analysis of Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform" and other works.

Yue Meng | NetEase Cloud Music R & D Engineer for Real-Time Computing Platform
Guest Profile:
Yue Meng, NetEase Cloud Music real-time computing platform R & D engineer, Apache Flink Contributor. He has successively worked in Hangzhou Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. big data platform, Netease Hangyan sloth real-time computing platform, Netease cloud music magina real-time computing platform. Currently responsible for the research and development of NetEase cloud music real-time computing platform, in the open source field is Contributor of ZK, Calcite, Apache Flink project.

05 "How does Delta Lake help cloud users solve the problem of real-time data storage"

Xin Yong | Alibaba Technical Expert
Guest Profile:
Xin Xianyin, flower name Xin Yong, EMR technical expert of Alibaba Computing Platform Division. Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark contributor. In-depth research on Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Druid and other big data components. Currently engaged in big data cloudization related work, focusing on computing engines, storage structures, database transactions and other content.

Liu Jiangang | Quick Hand Development Engineer
Guest Profile:
Liu Jiangang, a quick development engineer. Graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, worked in Baidu, currently working in Kuaishou, engaged in real-time computing.

Li Jinsong(Zhixin) | Alibaba Technical Expert
Guest Profile:
Li Jinsong, Faithful Letters, Apache Flink Committer, focusing on Ali ’s internal Galaxy streaming computing framework since 2014; Flink R & D since 2017, mainly focusing on Batch computing, data structure and types.

The above is a detailed guest introduction for this Meetup. At 10:00 on June 14, the big data + AI Meetup live room is looking forward to your arrival, and there are more beautiful gifts. You can receive it after participating in the interaction!
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